New Michael Yon photo despatch, plus his embed cancelled...

Another interesting despatch from Yon. He is invariably good reading. (For example, I was impressed with his empathic despatch about the demise of Olaf Schmidt.) Thanks for the link, B_B.
Ssssh, Fantassin thinks Yon hates the Europeans and especially the French......
Yon is a good man and does a great service to those he reports on - warts n all.
He has both the in depth knowledge both military & politically that his reports have real resonance.
My guess is that he may have steeped on some septic's toes this time.
He goes beyond many other journos even want to contemplate and as such he is doing honour & service to those in the field,
as such imo he should be afforded special dispensation.
He overstepped the line a few weeks ago and started telling Generals what to do. I did tell him they wouldn't like that. He's there to report not control. A loose cannon.

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