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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Glorious Groundie, Dec 9, 2011.

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  1. Due to a recent posting i was informed that the MFO system has changed and unfortunatly not for the best!

    Now i can never comment on those in Married Quarters (new or old system) but what was wrong with the old system " hello mr QM's dept here are my MFO boxes and a copy of my posting order" and a few weeks later your boxes turn up.

    Lucky old me i have another contact which has saved me alot of ball ache!

    Anybody come across the new system and what do you think of it?
  2. Would you like to expand on the changes?
  3. all down via internet (can be done via DII IF you have a terminal/internet password) and follows shed loads of pages, first few are fairly sensible as its sending address/recieving address then you have to measure/weigh all your boxes (great if you have finished packing!) then you have to print off copies and get them signed, then fax a copy as well as scan and email a copy (once again great if you have acsess!) and then arrange a date for collection then wait for delivery (says 4-10 days for most uk units but average is 2 months atm).

    As said all great if you have acsess to all the technology needed (if not you get the joys of doing it all over the phone) and god forbid if you go over the allowences (it gets expensive apparently)

    As said not easy for a singly going over the water and not taking private car
  4. You not got a QM's dept at your place? Pop in and see if you have an MFO storeman see what they can do for you - At Wallop they were most helpful and squared me in minutes few.

    If the MFO system isn't any good then try to send yourself 'Essential spares/stores' through your QMs. Failing that parcel force it.
  5. Brother, I've just used it and its straight forward and quick. Fill the forms in online assesor comes out and dates arranged. Simples !!!!
  6. If the system doesn't work then lie or pay for it yourself?

    Pragmatic maybe but not really the best of answers.
  7. G1098 dept do at my place, 3 attached RLC who really dont like doing alot
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  8. assesor?? you married on the patch?
  9. The so called new system has been in place for years and saves time and transportation space, so no bad thing for us loggies!
  10. Improvise adapt and overcome!

    I used the system and it worked fine for me but if someone has a problem then it needs shoving up the chain that the system isn't good for all. If no one reports the system as weak then nothing will be changed.

    If the problem is that his G1098 department don't like doing work then he needs to get his gaffer to stick a rocket up the ******* arses - lie and paying yourself should only be a last resort. (Unless you are good at lying and get away with it!) :)

    Good luck with the posting though mate!
  11. Cheers CC TA, i hope i enjoy it too!

    Couldnt have been in that long as when i used the system 2 years ago i just dropped my boxes off at the QM's!

    Lucky me, one of the other depts on camp send a van out monthly to my new posting so have been able to get my boxes over that way