New Mens Organization Calls for Limitation of Colors

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by RCSignals, Aug 9, 2005.

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  1. Only in America

  2. I don't think it's very American to deny people the right to decorate their sitting room, say, "Sienna Umber" or "Tundra Taupe" or to stop people purchasing large automobiles in "Starfire Grey" or "Rainforest Dew."

    These men are fcuking commies who should be lined up and shot by all patriotic, colour-palette loving Americans.

    Oh, and they can't spell as usual.

  3. Oh I dont know, actually, I can empathise with them. Just recently I was involved in the launch of a new range of telecoms kit, and was asked to sit in on the panel deciding what to name the colour. So we all shuffle into the boardroom, coffee is served, and the new product is bought in and presented with a flourish. An air of expectation hangs over the room, nobody says anything, the seconds tick by, I can stand the tension no longer and in a deadpan, uninterested voice, tinged with incredulity, I exclaim "its black!"
    You would have thought I had suggested a game of nekkid leap frog in the executive washroom, there was a general sharp intake of breath and subtle shaking of heads from the assembled execs, who then embarked on a lengthy discussion on the relative merits of names such as "charcoal" or "anthracite" or even "midnight". It was BLACK ffs! I got up and left, life is too short. :roll:
    Incidentally, yes they do all drive beamers, play golf & squash, and have "hair styles" rather than "hair cuts" :roll: