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I found this one of Flash, his Mrs runs a tight ship and unless his chores are done he is in real trouble

I also found this one of Gunny and his latest chick

Bit of a dodgy carpet though :D
Picture taken of me, minutes before I went into my nieces room on Christmas morning to wake her up and tell her Santa was dead. She's still shaking uncontrollably. Will take her to see the doctor...... soon.

When I first saw this pic I thought of you, then I realised he had more hair, and it wasn't ginger.

He also doesn't have a piss bag attached and is closer to a woman than you have been in thirty years.

Bet the grandkids got you round the Christmas tree and got you to sneeze
Gunny Highway said:
Note the two sinks in my bathroom. I'm posher then Forcessweetfart.

Psssst Gunny..................she's not posh. She lives on a council estate in Plumstead.
Yeap, do you remember me? Possibily seen going outside to buy a tuna and onion roll with a hot chocolate? I was treated with electro therapy in the basement. Worked too !!
This is me now, 16 years later, taken on Boxing Day morning. Handsome dude. Girls love long hair. I've been compared to Mel Gibson in Braveheart. Apparently Dale the Snail is after my bits and Sniperbird is gonna let me suck her tits when she gets back from eye-whacky!!

Gunny Highway said:
Apparently Dale the Snail is after my bits
No apparently about it, m'dear.

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