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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by foxygolf, Oct 3, 2007.

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  1. Hello Gents, just a quick introduction and to ask a couple of 'heres the newbie' type questions.

    Thinking of joining my local TA unit (medic). Been thinking about it for a while and Ive been out of regular service for a number of years, albeit RAF. (tin hat on)

    What sort of likelhood is there being of me getting shipped off to Iraq/Afgh in the near future? Just to allay any fears my missus may have/has of me getting myself into bother.

    Are there any other reservists out there that may have done said tour? How long etc? Obviously with my current civvy job this may need to be taken into consideration.

    Thanks in advance for any help you may give
  2. Thanks for the advice fellas, after 25 + views I take it I dont get the help or advise until Im wearing the badge so to speak.
    Unlike others on here (the question re Iraq and 'Stan) is not a fact finding mission on how to get a gong. Far from it. I have reasons for joining the TA and this is definately not one of them.
    I would of thought anyone with an incling of joining the TA would be welcomed with enthusiasm given the current state of affairs with the quality and levels of staffing.
  3. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    People may have bothered to answer if the same question had not been asked time and time again. This pops up on what seems like a weekly basis.

    Read the TA FAQs, read back over a few of the threads on the TA forum, and try the search facility.

    It is all there for you to find.
  4. I like your enthusiasm. Make sure you tip up to the TAC with this attitude aswell. The blokes will really respect you for it.
  5. Cheers

    Sorry for the sarcasm, and I appreciate that the question may be banded about a bit. As I said Im new on the board so FAQ's may have been an idea. Also thought the intro was a polite way of saying hello.

    Anyway. Thanks again
  6. There was me thinking this was a thread about someone having a sex change and getting a new phallus or something!
  7. I thought I was renowned for sarcasm. :D
  8. as the Duke said your question has been asked numerous times and has been done to death many times.

    use the search engine and check the threads already posted and i guarantee you will find your answers. I cant guarantee the responses will satisfy your wife though.

    however if you cant be bothered looking :roll:
  9. to be fair - ARRSE search is generally pretty naff

    i never seem to find what i am looking for anyway
  10. Ta.
    At least I got the ******** question out of the way to begin with!!
  11. Check your PMs.
  12. From the first moment I went along to the TAC they made it quite clear to me that some time in my career within the TA I would be sent on at least one operational tour.

    Why would I join the Armed Forces to sit here picking my arse at home? You join the Army with the expectation to go and fight, else there's no point in them being 'Armed' Forces.
  13. Pretty Simple in todays World...

    You join go.
  14. My wife worries about me going to sandy places all the time. I get the arrse with it all the time. It's simple, if she can't handle it then pack up and move on. I joined the TA before it got serious with her so she's got no leg to stand on.

    Surely if you're and ex regular then you should have some idea of whether or not you will be deployed. Like said above, YOU JOIN YOU GO.
  15. Its wednesday afternoon, sports day innit?