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New member!

Just found this forum today! Liked what I saw and decided to join.... Live in the states now and miss the british humor, moaning, and general chit chat. Served in the Infantry in the 70's for 4 years (Queens Div.) then moved to the states and ended up joining the U.S. Air Force. Always intended to move back to the UK, but never did it!

One good thing living here in Florida is I own an early Enfield made SLR L1A1 and can shoot it anytime I want! There's a hugh following of the SLR over here and I'm a member of a forum that has a vast wealth of knowledge of the rifle! Anybody interested can go to fnfal.com and take a look, you don't have to be a member.

That's it, looking forward to shooting the breeze with all of you.


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