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Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by kj18, Aug 12, 2012.

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  1. hi all i am a new member. looked on here a couple of times then decided to join for some military advice.
    i am a mental health nurse of 5 years looking to join as a soldier/nurse. got my interview in 1 month so any advice is very welcome.
  2. Hey KJ18, I'm in the same boat - well, new. Good luck with your interview!
  3. What sort of advice are you after? About the interview/selection process, or generally about being a headshrinking Scablifter?
  4. Hi you would probably get more sense out of the Professional RAMC QA form. Look on Forums>Arms and services
  5. Female or male nurse?
  6. Well you came to the right place, sonny.

    Pull up a sandbag, what is it you want to know?
  7. i am a female mental health nurse
  8. wow what an interesting take on mental health nurses. Scablifter??? don't think i have ever been referred to as that before but whatever floats your boat. i was more interested in the interview process been as i am already a "headshrinking scablifter"
  9. And cue the 200 odd posts requesting naked pics in 5...4....3....2....1....
  10. i guess a bit of advice on the line of questioning. sounds pathetic i know but i'm wondering what direction it will go i.e. policies, me as a nurse in general, scenario's, more about army nursing and why i will be good for the job etc. or all of the above!
  11. Unfortunately you will only receive sensible advice from other RAMC types, the rest of the stabs will still regard you as a tart/vicar until proven otherwise, and that's quite sad considering the vast majority of stabs haven't mobilised anywhere more warry than Tosca!
  12. Ooops, my mistake, was it an easy one to make?

    Now, about those pics.

    STABS! STABS! You've just infliced a grevious mortal wound. Some of do have feelings you know?