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Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by steph68, Apr 21, 2012.

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  1. Hello everyone, I'm 43, I live in Switzerland. I've got therefore tiny chances to join the British Army one day, but I would have done it if I wasn't born on the wrong side of the Channel. However, I've spent 463 days in the Swiss army as Radio Operator, so military life does make a sense to me. My questions will therefore be totally stupid, I'm not as good in English practice than in disassembling and re-assembling my Sig 57 assault rifle, but I thank you very much to allow me to join your community. Very sincerely.
  2. Hi Steph, welcome to Arrse and I hope you have a good time here with us.
  3. Thanks a lot, eodmatt. All the best & kind regards !
  4. why only 463 days in the army?
    oh and welcome.
  5. By god, the politeness in here is frightening!
  6. Hello fltpilot, that's because our system is militia-based, or reserve if you like. The basic training back in '86 was 118 days for recruits, then 148 more to be trained as a corporal, and the rest was divided in three weeks each year until you were 33. But the Swiss military system has changed twice in 20 years, and nowadays a soldier is expected to "do" 300 days including the NCO school. It's another story for officers. 463 days is the amount of days of service I spent in the infantry between 1986 (I was a 17 1/2-aged recruit then) and 2000 when, as a sergeant, I had to give back my Sig 90 rifle, ammo, equipment and uniforms (well I managed to keep some stuff ). I also received "for good service" a privatised Sig 57, completely refurbished, which I still own today.
  7. Who is going to be the first to "suggest" the initiation then?
    My vote goes to PA (when he gets out of bed)
  8. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

    Gruezi Steph

    Wie gahts? Wo Wonsch Du? Arrse isch scho guet aber pass uf... viele hand das Anglische humor das viele net verstaende.
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  9. Welcome fella.
    - do the Swiss even need an Army?
  10. Welcome buddy. Got some Swiss Military friends myself, very professional and good drinking partners!
  11. Welcome Steph!
    Did you get issued with one of those speshul knives?
  12. Hello, Negligent-Discharge ! Well, I'm quite amazed to read Swiss-German (Schwyzerdütch) on ARRSE ! But I live in Lausanne, and we speak French over here. I'd be delighted to learn some of the British Army's slang, though. :thumleft:
  13. A (or more) pint of IPA anytime, ironrations ! This said, the last time I went to my fave pub in L'pool, I couldn't find any Bass beer...has it disappeared ? :drunken:
  14. Salut Steph!

    Lads, give the chap a hand... and keep it clean (relatively!) Arrsepedia might be a starter.
  15. Thank you ! Well, some extreme left-winged folks here in S'land think we don't, that it's money wasting and all that. But to me, every country has got one army, either its own or another one... More over, due to the militia-system, it's still an essential link between civilians and military.