New Medals

Seen before but always makes me smile!
Love it! However belonging to the 'cold war warrior' era that had to do, in the main, a tour in NI, Cyprus or complete 15 years of undetected crime to get a gong it would have been nice to have something to get scratched to fcuk doing (as a donkey walloper) SMG drill like the WWII generation did! I remember the likes of some QM types who'd served in WWII et al in the early 80 who on the odd occasion the were dusted down and brought out on parades had more medals on their individual chests then the rest of the regt put together!

One gong missing from the link though - 'Giving Aid to the London Tourist Board Medal' for HCav and Foot Guards too (breastplates and scarlet looks soooooo much better with a gong or two!) :D

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