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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by raspberry, Mar 22, 2010.

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  1. How about a new medal which recognises those members of the forces who have been killed or wounded through direct action?

    Why shouldn't those especially who have been permanently disabled be recognised by the issue of one such award?

    This isn't to say we should be racking up more medals and ribbons like how US general chummies do
  2. I'd be for it if it came with a gradation type payment. Something more practical than just bling.
  3. I understand that the MoH has some juicy entitlements, like being saluted by OFFICERS! think of a lowly Sergeant being saluted by a GENERAL! what could possibly be sexier, especially if its a female. :D
  4. What about psychological wounds?

    Does someone with PTSD deserve more or less than someone with a scar on their leg from a bullet/shrapnel?

    I think the idea is ridiculous.
  5. This topic has been done to death already.
  6. I thought the Elizabeth Cross is awarded to those Killed in Action or though terrorist action?
  7. It goes to the NoK
  8. There used to be a 'Wound stripe' badge that was discontinued after WW2.
    It could always be reintroduced, but MoD aren't keen.
    The issue gets dusted off every couple of years.
  9. Why would a medal help?

    Or every couple of weeks here :D