New medal for servicemen and women injured or killed on ops

I have started a petition at No. 10 Downing Street because I feel that it is time that a medal was introduced which recognises the sacrifces made by our servicemen and women, please go to the link below and sign the petition.

Here is the petition statement and link

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to introduce a
new medal for service men and women injured or killed whilst
serving on operational duties.

It is time that the injuries & deaths suffered by our armed
forces are recognised in the shape of a medal which recognises
the sacrafice made by a service man or woman whilst carrying
out operational duties.
If this carries on we'll end up like the septics, and then the gongs we do get will mean less IMO.
I agree with smudge on this, I don't think a medal is a good idea.You should not single out the victims of war, everyone on that battle field makes sacrifices as well. Our awards process is known as the best in the world, lets keep it that way.
I once had a very nasty cut on my finger, Big Bod hit it with a hammer while we were changing a 432 track in the Gulf????
Having seen a Purple Heart given for an NCO being hit by a stone in Kosovo and cutting his head then I am also with smudge et al.

The action warrants the award as appropriate. A wound stripe, however, is something else. Perhaps a stripe on the ribbon of the campaign could be worn? This would show the wearer as wounded without looking like a spam.
Badly worded petition and on that account I won't sign it.

Why should anyone in theater who falls on their mobile phone whilst in the shower requiring the phone to be removed from their ARRSE by sugery get a medal!

As to one for getting wounded due to direct contact with the enemy, FFS you're in the army/navy/RM/Crab Air and that sort of sh!te happens, realise that, get on with it or sign the fcuk off!
Bat_Crab said:
I stubbed my toe getting into my landrover at BAS, does that count?

Too many medals is not a good thing.
I stubbed some camel toe their once and got covered in blood, gimme, gimme, gimme... not! :wink:
Stick your petition. I'd rather see the money used for medical treatment.
4-8 A says GW syndrome, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, depression etc following tours are all injuries. How do you quantify them to merit a medal?

IMO its says it all - its not offended anyone its just the way is should be

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