New Medal for Ebola

Nice try, Tony no tours
Tony had loads of tours - but he didn't deploy on any of them himself. He just sent us :)

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If you insist, why don't you tell a cool story about the time you went on exercise...
Why don't you astonish us and tell us about the loads of medals you have.

Then you can include a side spitting joke about 'Cold War Warriors' wanting an NDM.

Go on, you know you want to, just like all the other times.

More likely is that a shit load of cold war warriors who never went further than Germany will have had jealousy induced heart attacks.
So what should they have done? Gone out and started a few wars? Voted in a dickwad like Blair to start a few for them?
Of course, they could have arranged to have been born a bit later and got a few "I was there when Her Maj didn't die" medals.
Just because that generation did their job better by ensuring no-one dared pick a fight with them.
Nowadays anyone with an AK47 and a towel picks a fight (and wins) with the "heroes".
A medal for risking lives against a shitty, nasty thing like Ebola sure beats the crap out of getting one cos a Royal (God Bless Her) manages to stay alive.


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Humanitarian Aid Medal next. Egg and chips anyone?
Pfft. I've already got one of those for helping Castro clear out his jails. Operation Safe Havens it was called.

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