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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by smoojalooge, Feb 2, 2006.

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  1. Membership to online dating £30

    New Top £25

    Digital Camera £150


    Fat stinking mates reflection in the mirror

    Absolutely fcuking priceless :lol:

    edited to add it's thumbnail click image to see
  2. OMG that fat stinking mate is me!!!!

    Oh the shame!
  3. top munter,good chebs, no not the fat one
  4. Must have been cold there.
    Her Turkeys appear to be both done
  5. cor.. imagine the soapy tit w4nk ye would get from the m8 in a state
  7. Christ.... have you seen the size of the lass in the mirror's arms?! she would tear it off should you request a "handjob", id be wary of a blowjob too as she looks like she quaff it like it was a cornish pasty

    The lass in the pic has some right "battleship rivets" on her, do u reckon it was cold in the nightclub toilets??

    i bet there was some "bezzering" going on that night with blokes that met them two........

    "ill be your wing man mate...... no worries mate, ill shag the fat one if needs be"

    "needs must as the devil drives mate, beggars cant be choosers, lets see which one of us they like"

    when the pert breasted ones bloke appears "negative Ghost-Rider, the pattern is full...."

    off wander drunken squaddie bums to the next "victims"..... i mean, layydees :D
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  8. 6 fecking years?
  9. Still bloody funny though....:)
  10. You missed it first time around.
  11. I was doing something else at the time.