New Martello Tower Stable Belt

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by RE-gards, Sep 26, 2010.

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  1. Hey guys, just been on the RE Shop to get a new Stable Belt and found a new Buckle on there. Its got the Martello Tower which is the emblem for 170 Infra Sp in Chilwell. Who gets to wear it?
  2. 49 Para Engineers. Don't even think about wearing one until you've passed pie-week.
  3. Wah alert - All those posted to 170 can wear it.
  4. The idea behind the Martello Tower buckle was to instill pride etc in the technical roster. The powers that be then said if you have been posted to 170 or MWF regardless of trade you could wear it. Kinda takes away from the idea that it's just for the cone heeds.
  5. the lance/ssgt's in cone-heidsville. :love:

    loads of blokes bought them ................................................... NOT. :tongue:
  6. I think the RSM who introduced them bought one, I don't know about anybody else.
  7. i believe he did mate BUT he had to really did'nt he????
  8. Yeah, you would look rather pants if you put all that effort into getting a new stable belt design, manufactured and approved by RE RHQ only to not wear it yourself.
  9. wedge_cadman

    wedge_cadman War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    They came out after my time at mwf. Maybe I should get one to go with my bfg medal ;)
  10. The irony is 49 EOD Sqn RE did have a Para Troop (probably still do for all I know), so they WERE 49 Para!
  11. I've seen a couple floating around in EinC. But most cones made an effort NOT to wear it.

    ...And I don't think said RSM wears it any more, now he's reverted to being a flathead.
  12. Knocker, no wah intended, but is that Chard on your avatar?

    If so, you may want to know that - shortly before Rorke's Drift - he had just graduated from something best described as "the Long Fortifications Course" in Paris, and was regarded as something of a geek by his muckers. Furthermore, at the bridge site, he wasn't using military artisans to build his bridge, he was using the natives - Locally Employed Civilians (Contractors) in today's parlance. The only other RE on-site was a LCpl - his batman.

    Chard was a PQE.

    Just thought you ought to know.
  13. yes it is R_C_D & yes i know i have read countless books on the subject.

  14. This has got to be an Uber-Waaa!... I'm not having it that you can actually read anything other than Razzle and Mayfair! ;)
  15. now that is rich coming from you mate BUT then again you don't have to read anymore NOW all you need to know is how to fabricate events, don't you???? :thumright: