New Maps Module

I have to say that I like it ....
Did a rough click from the most zoomed out mode and got within 1km of where I live but it landed on the hospital. :oops:
Hmm, I entered my lat/long manually and apparently live off the east coast of Somalia. Seeing as I'm sitting in front of my computer and I'm fairly certain both GPS and Google earth are working I'm a tad confused.

[Edit - got it sorted now, re-read the instructions and clicked on the map instead! :oops: ]
I have to say I thought this might be more popular than it is .....
Have put my own location on, but I will probably move it somewhere else tonight as it gives away part of my ID (as if people didn't know what it was)
polar69 said:
No thats on the Pocklington road out toward York , or so they tell me
Reckon a few are having a laugh .... went past semmy's location 10 mins ago .... there was a couple of gals(!) in mini skirts standing on the street corner touting for trade

(alright its another BUMP)
The little info boxes that come up when you click a flag have nothing in them for me apart from user info , there are 2 blank image boxes with red "X" but nothing more, is this just firefox problem or should there actually be anything in my box

oooeer missus

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