New MAPRIC Course Dates

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Geo_dude, Jan 10, 2013.

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  1. I have finally been given the dates for the New MAPRIC Course which is to be titled "Land Navigation SME Course".
    The date for the pilot course is 01 July 13 - 21 July 13 which should be loaded onto the DIN shortly for bookings. I think the maximum load is 16 pers (TBC) at Sgt or above with an instructional qual (BIT, DIT, DTTT).
    Any Questions contact me.
  2. Existing MAPRICS will still hold a valid qual mate. This is a new qual that will create SME's who can train their own unit MAPRIC instructors as well as GPS instructors and will be responsible for all Nav training at their respective units (including MATT 5). Leaving us to inspect etc. The course is set at a higher level than the MAPRIC course so if you though MAPRIC was nails then come and get some more. Hope that helps.
  3. Is this a 'Get your course bid in now before SMS moves from Hermitage and the nice pubs"?

    I thought the place was packing up and moving away from Newbury....
  4. The regiment is mate but the RSMS will be staying until 2015(16) due to lack of funds. So we still have some nice pubs. after that I'm not sure where Nav will be run from. The School is moving to RAF Wyton but the location may not be suitable for the SME course due to the distances we would need to travel for decent terrain. I'm sure we will cross that bridge when we come to it.
  5. "Three weeks to train people to train people to train people to read maps? And those that join the course must already have been trained in how to train people?

    Are these very complicated maps, or just regular GSGS 1:50000 maps?"

    From my years of teaching I have found that the majority of students who "think" they can map read cannot mate. We will train people to do it correctly as well as use MPS and GPS correctly which will take 3 weeks. If you are better then present yourself here and we will utilise you. We will be using maps from all around the world. Can't remember the last time I used a UK 50k in anger. Or have I missed a civil war?
  6. Trying to get on this course appears to be nails, Im fingers crossed for Feb.
  7. I'm up for that, I've been trying to get on MAPRIC course for years. Do you give favouritism to fellow ARRSErs?
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  8. Roadster, just ask many of my students the same question. Many of them have done their Jnr ? Snr Brecon, many are MLT, JSMEL etc and think they can map read until they come out with us. I'm here to get rid of the nasty habits and assumption that get people lost or killed.