New map pack CoD MW2

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Beans_Boots_n_Brows, Jun 2, 2010.

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  1. A new map pack is due to be released tomorrow. Priced the same as the last one, what do you all think?

    MW2 Map pack
  2. Hard to tell without playing it.
  3. While it is squeezing more cash out of me, I like the 1st map pack and will be buying the next.

    Double magnums = win!
  4. I still haven't got round to buying the 1st one and as my phones now been cut off so i cant play online, but is it worth getting when im re-connected?
  5. I'm a bit annoyed that they are fleecing us for yet more cash for more maps but since I alledgedly committed fraud and got lots of points off ebay for about £4, I suppose I will buy em!
  6. I couldnt stand Vacant but I really enjoyed Crossfire.
  7. 2 minds about this

    Im enjoying Bad company more than MW2 and the lag switch /aim bot merchants havent plagued it yet
  8. I posted this in the MW2 PS3 clan thread, but it may as well go here too for those who haven't seen it yet;


    Me personally, I can't wait. Hopefully the PS3 version won't take too long to materialise.
  9. Me too
  10. I quite like vacant once you get out of the building
  11. getting out of the building can be almost impossible though!
  12. Well I bought em and I should have listened to myself.

    Carnival should be re-named to " bring ya tents"

    Fuel isnt a bad map and thats about it so far

    Connections are still piss poor but hey ho :D
  13. What's an aim bot?
  14. Wah shield up

    Aim bots basically autopoint your weapon at a target on the screen . MW2 and its ilk have an aim assist already but this is a turbo version wher it literally auto aim s from anywhere on the screen so all you have to do is press the trigger and people on screen just die