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Hi all,

I’m currently serving in the army but a year ago was diagnosed with a disease that has made me incredibly sick. This was not caused by the army I must add. What I would like to know and would appreciate any advice is what I should be doing?

Basically due to the disability I have been unable to fulfil my job, so my regiment has thrown me to one side AS SUCH. This does anger me but I do see their point. My disease is a relapsing condition which doesn’t make me permanently disabled but there are times when I’m put on sick leave for long periods. As a front line soldier I accept I can no longer do my current job.

My CMO's answer is ' if you get better you can stay if not will kick you out'. 4 months into my illness my condition got stronger and things were looking good for me, so as far as my CMO goes he thought it would be all ok. But as I said it’s a relapsing disease and will never be cured. The problem is there’s not enough communication between the medical staff and my regiment and it seems I’m relaying all the information. I must add if I get kicked out it’s with no benefits or anything which I can also understand but scares the hell out of me. On the 11 Feb 2010 a new development on management of the sick and injured policy happened which I’m hoping will benefit me and after reading seems to look like it.

Basically what I’m asking is who should I speak to? What should my plan of action be? Is there anything I can be doing to put myself in a better position for my future or should I just sit back and see what happens? Is there anything I should be requesting? I have many more questions like these and I as you might imagine I am quite fearful of my future. I am only a young soldier, just done five years but any experience, knowledge or expertise would be greatly welcome.

Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to provide.


I am imagining that you are currently graded either P0 at present if you are on long-term sick (SAM Team) or P7 Non Deployable if you are back in work in a limited capacity.

The minimum grade for continued employment is now P3 Limited Deployable. If you cannot achieve this grade (and since without any more detail I assume that this condition means you can't deploy) you fall into the RECU or Restricted Employment in Current Unit. If your unit can find a job for you then great - no need to leave at present. If they can't then they will refer you to Glasgow to see if there is a job in your capbadge that you can fulfil. If there isn't (and a key factor here is a career and not just a job i.e. you can't work in the stables/Welfare driver for the next 17 years) then you are asked if you wish to transfer to another capbadge. If the Army can't find you a career then you are out.

Firstly your unit (i.e. RCMO, your OC and CO and MO) should get together and look at what the unit can offer you if anything - this is probably happening at the monthly Unit Health Committees. I would discuss this with your MO and RCMO. If you are under SAM speak to them.
Yes i am P7. As i said my CMO is of no help and at the moment we dont have a MO just a civilian doctor who does not understand the policys. This is another reason its quite frustrating for me. Could you recommend anythig else? Or is it just a case of waiting? At the moment it feels like im on trial for a murder case if you know what i mean and i have absolutely no idea of the outcomes ect.

For you to be graded as P7 there will have to have been a medical board counter signed by a Occupational Medicine Consultant. You should have been offered a copy of this when you were graded. If you do not have a copy of that and the Appendix 9 (what the MO says your limitations are) ask for a copy of these from the medical centre (you may have to sign a formal request form but you are entitled to them). This will then give you an idea of what the unit has been told about you, and also what the MO is thinking about the long term impact. RECU only kicks in if it is a Permanent and not a temporary grading. By the sound of it you probably require a permanent grading if you haven't got one already.

Speak to your Tp Cmdr and request an interview so that he can go away and take it up with the grown ups if you aren't getting anywhere. If all else fails ask to be referred to the Regional Occupational Health Team (ROHT) for a grading review - the ROHT Occ Med Consultant will know the policy and be able to advise (although this may take upto 6 months for it to happen depending on location.)

I hope that is more help?
One option is to do nothing and stay under the radar - I'm saying this because it's not always best to be a pathfinder for how a new policy framework actually works in practice.

If you think it would help your position to be seen by a uniformed MO, then you should approach your CoC to exploan the issue and ask them to seek alternative referral. I'm recommending CoC for alternate MO, as civvie doc would normally refer to an occupational health consultant, and that is probably premature in the circs you've described.
Hi all,
As of two weeks ago i am now going through the RECU process in my unit. Late 2008 i was diagnosed with severe hearing loss, after a year and a half of seeing specialists i was taken away from my job within the sub unit and placed in a more quiet job role. After months of the Regiment reassuring me that they will square me away with a job i know find myself in unfamiliar territory. I have a copy of my appendix 9, im permanently graded p7 (perm) Undeployable. Ive been in with the CO,TC,RCMO, a few more ppl to see yet. Im expected to decide by the end of the week whether to (a) Accept a discharge (b) proceed against the discharge.(glasgow to look for a job etc). After firing alot of Q's out within my unit, i was told that with it being such a new process, they dont know the answers, they will get back to me. Which is fine. ....My questions to you... (1) Will this be a medical discharge??...If so, who decides its a medical discharge? Surley the regiment cant authorise this, it must come from a superior level? (2) If it is a medical discharge and with that comes a chance of a ill health pension and/or a service pension and a possible sum of money...If i take it down the line of Glasgow finding me a job and they Dont, is it still a med discharge? (3) If Glasgow find me a job, and for example 'desk job in the outer hebradees' and i kindly decline it.....Am i then subject to Adminastrative discharge and therefore have comprimised my med dis??.....
......With the Forces heading the way it is, its goal of downsizing to 95.000 in the next 24 months, am i right in thinking theres only gonna be one outcome? As glasgow see the grading in ink, and not the soldier!?..........Any knowledge on how this new system works and any answers to the questions is greatly appreciated, thanks for taking the time to read........

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