New MAN Trucks - In Scotland Yet?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by franklin, May 3, 2008.

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  1. Hi all.

    These new MAN trucks replacing the Bedford and DAFs, does anyone know if there is any in Scotland at all? Spoken to Scottish Transport Regt (V) who don't hold any yet, but someone did say they spotted some in Garelochhead (possibly NAVY).

    On the subject, are these Tri-Service, so if the Army has none in Scotland could the RAF or Navy?

    Trying to get hold of a couple for a possible recruiting display.

  2. Its mainly Trg establishments and Units deploying that are getting them. They are TriService (Marines rather than Navy). But you will find it hard pressed to get hold of any for recruiting, unless you have them in-unit and you have trained SV Dvrs. Unless of course you know someone in MAN who would be willing to lend you some....and unless your name is CH then that again will be a no! :(

    Im afraid majority of TA will be way down on the roll-out list.
  3. Stopped in the services last Tuesday and got talking to two drivers that were driving MAN fuel tankers. Had a chat to them and they were doing fam training for a Unit going on Ops later this year.
    I asked them if they wanted to swap with the Bedford I was driving! :D

  4. So, did they???


  5. Having a VERY close involvement with the MAN fuel tankers (correctly known as Unit Support Tanker) im glad they didnt want to swap!
  6. Why would you want them, and dont you think they would be better employed on ops?

    They are not due on Herrick until later this year and apart from not matching the lift capacity of the present fleet, if they go tits up as i'm sure they will, to sort it out you have to email a fault code to Germany to get it squared away.

    I'm sure they are very nice and shiny but the above is'nt very helpful when you are in shitsville.
  7. Typical comment of the un-informed or even mis-informed!
    Yes they are due out to Herrick later this year but get to Telic a lot sooner.
    Please back up your comment on the lift capacity, as from the meetings i go on they exceed it.
    All equipment go tits up at some time or another. Whether Driver error or not. But please dont go on about "computers will go wrong when we just want a bare basic truck etc etc"
    The computers in the SV are there for many reasons and you now cannot get a mil vehicle without them in. CH2, Warrior, CST, MASTIFF all of them on the front line and all have some form of computer in them.
    Any vehicle fitted with ECM has a computer in it and thats there to save lives.
    But because of these necessary computers, the easiest way to inform the Maintainer is fault codes, some are in the User Handbook and some are not. The rest are on the MANCAT Laptops that all REME/Maintainers sections get that have been trained on SV. Very rarely will the truck stop and not let you get to safety. Because of the computers, when something goes tits up, they can limit what is available and protect the truck and get you back home so to speak.
    There is always suspicion of new equipment when its brought in, and something that replaces the 4tonner was always in for hard time as the truck served well for many years, but it had to go and the MAN i think will do its job well, but then i would say that as i have been driving them for past 2 years nearly. Ill let you make an revised informed opinion when your trained on them maybe :?
  8. Spaz, I know you have already been put in your place by CH but you really have lived up to your username with your post. How exactly do you intend that people get trained on the kit before ops if they don't have it? Also the names of the trucks (weight wise) pretty much give away the fact that they have a greater capacity than the 4, 8 and 14T wagons they are replacing.

    I am about to see the training go ahead and the rollout is planned in our Regt. I will be pleased to see the back of the heaps of sh!t that never work.
  9. Thx for that Horrid, all the initial rollout vehicles went to Trg Units. So as you said its correct for the training establishments to get them first.
    They all carry more than the old trucks. A point of note, a DAF 4 Tonne, with the same type of armour as SV including BAR Armour, crew served weapon on top, BOWMAN and ECM would not travel more than 3 meters without breaking its front axle. And thats a fact.
    The new DROPS variant, EPLS will be able to lift both Flatrack loads and ISO containers with out them being on racks first. Something that was trialled in Bosnia ages ago but now bring introduced.
    Hope you report favourable comments Horrid after your training.
  10. CH512O, when will the UST be replacing the UBRE for TA?
  11. When your out the Army son! :wink:

    Serious! lol
  12. Yeah sorry ch5120 when I was in the meeting with the bloke from MAN at Bastion and he told us that the SV replacing the DROPS cant carry the same weight I stupidly believed him. In future I will take whatever a random bloke on the net tells me.

    Edited for mong spelling.

    And to add
    Do they really fascinating mate? Although at least the Mastiff one is reliable for the time being unlike the Vector 6x6 yes fault codes are great if you have the relevant docs stuffed down your Osprey and the 12 laptops you need to lug around the desert, although I have had CST's showing no fault codes whatsoever and the engine running like a bag of cack. The solution? Renew the Engine ECU although it was telling me everything was fine and dandy. Ch5120 are you in the business of using these wagons on Ops or repairing them?
  13. As for you, smoke me.
  14. MAN bloke at Bastion? Why is there a MAN bloke in Bastion when there isnt any MAN SV in Bastion. MAN may of sent a bloke out but he is not there to work on SV, he is about 3 months too early! I dont want to get into a pissing contest but if you mean other Nations MAN trucks, Norwegians have them and of course the Germans out there then i stand corrected. But be careful what you hear. The EPLS can carry what DROPS carries, if it doesnt then the new bit of equipment im trialling at the moment will fail when i load it on a EPLS next week, as that is very close to max DROPS lift weight. The Norwegians have a HX77 DROPS truck, which looks like EPLS but has different Armour on it, and that is getting deployed by their Army, he may mean this one. But there are very few loads that get close to the max lift capacity of DROPS, the only few i can think of are Fuel Flatrack, WDR and and ISO container full of Warrior Winter Track!! So if, and its a big IF, EPLS does have a limitation, it wont be much. But ill tell you next week when i get one of the first ones in the UK!
    Without "outing" myself, i can assure you im not some random bloke on the net. I do have inside info on SV, in fact i have provided some of this inside info to higher formations!