New LSA daily pay rates - Can you help?



Have been lookin everywhere for the actual daily rates of pay the the AFPRB has brought in for LSA. Got 786 days behind me and wanna know what level that puts me on and how much a day.

And yes, goin away soon so very interested
That amount of days will put you on Level 3 LSA and it's £13 odd per day.
Cheers matelot.

But just to clarify for any others who are too lazy to scroll through. The rates are listed on P71 of the linked pdf document.

Or are here:

Level 1 (up to 400 days qualifying separation) 6.22
Level 2 (401-700 days qualifying separation) 9.72
Level 3 (701-1000) 13.24
Level 4 (1001-1300) 14.52
Level 5 (1301-1600) 15.64
Level 6 (1601-1900) 16.76
Level 7 (1901-2200) 17.87
Level 8 (2201-2500) 19.55
Level 9 (2501-2800) 20.67
Level 10 (2801-3100) 21.79
Level 11 (3101-3400) 22.90
Level 12 (3401-3700) 24.03
Level 13 (3701-4000) 25.14
Level 14 (4001+) 26.26
Just a quick question Im on high rate now which is about level 3 money wise (600 odd days) but when this starts I go down to level 2 as I am under 700 days, is this right?
IIRC when the new rates come in those who were on the old system will be credited with 100 days. Don't quote me though. If I find the rules I will confirm it though.
Yes. When the new system kicks in those people transitioning to LSA from LSSA will be credited with 100 days.

All QS accumulated for LSSA prior to transfer will count towards LSA and will be used to set the level at which individuals move across. In addition, all personnel, regardless of their current counter total, will receive an additional 100 days to their total days accrued on roll out.
Cheers for that mate