New low life level!!

i hope the feckers that did this need a helping hand from one of them in the future only to find that help****ed off
fcuking scum need a six pack for that
this is just the tip of the iceberg, every day you read in the papers about what some low life scum or other has done. all we get is another quango with recommendations that little 'Jonny' be taken on a paid for holiday to try to alleviate the sufferring he has undergone because of all the nasty men shouting at the poor misunderstood little Angel.

We have perfectly good laws that have stood the test of time, the PC brigade merely warp things round so that the Criminals have more rights than the citizens, did anyone see that teacher who's neck is on the line for clipping that yob round the ear after he was disruptive and atacked him? theres a petition to side with him somewehere?

A lot of people refer to 1984 by George Orwell when they comment on various issues discussed on this site. It is an apt choice.

Another novel that springs increasingly to mind is A Clockwork Orange...

Marauding youth gangs indulging in violence for thrills, text speak for Nadsat, shades of an emerging totalitarian society in the background.

I wonder if Burgess realised how prescient his least favourite work actually was.....
It grips my sh!t too but it goes on all too regular, frequently inside hospitals.
Interestingly I was trying to pull a posh bird down the pub on saturday night. Turns out she is a bit of a leftie apologist type who works for the council with some job title that included words like 'inclusion' and 'community', (the exact title escapes me). Anyhow she was ranting on about why we have so much antisocial and violent crime- it turns out (I never knew this) but it is all our fault! Slamming offenders (such as the scum that attacked these 999 blokes) in jail and making them poo in a bucket only makes them feel 'alienated' and makes them more likely to offend. I retorted that the Police should be allowed to dish out a good hard kicking to all offenders- to discourage them from doing it again. And that in jail they should be made to do pointless and degrading jobs like chain gangs etc for the same reason. Needless to say I didnt get anywhere with her, but did get her number as she drove off in her Rangie Sport.
Anyhow, back on thread- I am outraged.
I'm with Keeffy on this one. If the government are going to start keeping track of people perhaps they should start with those who should automatically go to the bottom of the ambulance waiting list. Oh silly me that'd infringe their human rights... what was I thinking!
Many years ago when I was young, we had real penalties. the death penaly was in force along with borstals and approved schools. In those days a murder made national news. There did not seem to be as much crime or at least not this sort of mindless violence. I think that the only reason the young people being killed on the streets today is newsworthy is because of the volume, not the crime.

Have I a point? Or am I a dinosaur whom it is cruel to keep alive?
This thing goes on everywhere. Firemen get it all the time, as we did sometimes on op fresco.
I must say I am getting the mods point now, these threads appear over and over and over again.

But why do the government not actually LISTEN to the majority and start to PUNISH these people more?

Yes, its because the lefties are now actually in charge. So I give up, we lost the battle and are about to lose the war. It will not matter if the conservatives get in next time either, they are just the same.
As soon as I can persuade the long haired general, I am off and am going to take as many of my family as I can (kids and parents, will work on brothers and sisters later).

(I have said this before I know)
Absolutely disgusting. There was some bloke on Nicky (ex-watchdog - name escapes me) show yesterday giving stats that suggest that prisoners released after a short sentence are more likely to reoffend than those who are given a decent holiday at HMPs various establishments.

Seems to me the answer is to bang the cnuts up for longer.

In the 60s & early 70s I can remember 'yooofs' making the local paper headlines for being caught urinating in a public place, the whole bloody town knew about it, a talking point even. The cane gave respect and teachers were allowed to dispense appropriate punishment without fear of retribution. In fact I received the cane once and thought I'd heard the last of it until my father found out and I got a hiding from him also!
Another thing that pisses me off is that these 'well ard' kids are in most cases not much younger than decent lads serving in the forces today, Perhaps one day their own generation will sort themselves out but I fear it will be a long way off yet.
This was a regular ocurrence when we were stationed in Northern Ireland. Ambulances, Fire Engines and the Police were attacked when we were stationed there.
Britian needs to look at how Singapore dispenses justice.

Singapore won't have any truck from chavs,do-gooders,druggies,etc.

Bring back the birch,penal servitude,the workhouse and the death penalty.


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For god's sake people, have you no heart? These poor lads are victims too you know.

Birching, hanging or prisno will not solve social problems such as these. These boys need love and care to make them better people. We should hold out the olive branch, and restore the faith in themselves that has been lost because of an uncaring, grab-it-now society.


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MODS! MODS! STOP THAT MAN! Sven has hacked my account!!
As a member of that generation, many of us hate the chavs as much as any other, and frankly the only olive branch they should get should be about three foot long and have a decent whip to it.
Wishful_Thinking said:
This was a regular ocurrence when we were stationed in Northern Ireland. Ambulances, Fire Engines and the Police were attacked when we were stationed there.
Yes it was and I'm tempted to say that was different. The Police I could understand but the Ambulence and Fire Brigade? They were only trying to save lives.
Ban them from the healthservice for life. See if they like it when they become OAP's.

I wonder if the statistics say that 'luckily' not many of them will make it to OAP status.

Spin it how you like, it will always be - a Chav dies in a car crash while attempting to avoid arrest for stealing a car = tragedy (the poor misleaded young, promising child let down by society). A uniformed member of society dies while trying to save life = statistic.
A suggested punishment.
Load a Black Maria up with the offending chav scum, take them to the nearest Premier football clubs ground for a public flogging.
Charge a low entry and give the proceeds to their victims.

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