New Low for MOD?

Read a very interesting article I wanted to share with you lot, first a bit of background info...

Tim Westwood, a prominent DJ for Radio Station BBC 1Xtra, with a lot of influence with his listeners who are mainly 17 - 19 etc, visited Camp Bastion in order to broadcast to soldiers, and civilians alike, whilst interviewing various enlisted men and women about their experiences and blasting out some chooons to the masses.

Lowkey, a left-leaning political activist and rapper with widespread popularity with the 'underground' section of contemporary Hip Hop, was invited onto his radio slot, which is extremely lucrative to the up-and-coming rapper, and rejected it due to Westwood's visit to Afghanistan. Some of 'Lowkey's' views seem a little too sympathetic to the Taliban, in my opinion, but he does write with intelligence, unlike some other musical 'artistes'.

Now the article I'm about to share with you all is written by the aforementioned rapper and details why he rejected this offer from Westwood. It got me thinking that Lowkey had a point, and was it right for the MOD, who clearly initiated this whole stunt, to disguise a 15 hour recruitment drive within a radio show which was, supposedly, dedicated to the men and women doing a difficult job under even more strenuous conditions?

Anyway, it might ignite your interest, it might put you to sleep, however opinions would be appreciated. Let me know what you think...

Lowkey: Why I had to say no to Westwood TV | Ceasefire Magazine
You have my sympathy - something similar took place about 20 years ago, and we still haven't resolved the issue to this day. To precis the incident:

Being not only a piss-artist, but a life-long fan of smack, I have, like many others, been very familiar with Bob Marley. As a young boy, I remember listening to his music on Reggae FM and have since spent the majority of my almost decade-long prison career, following my conversion to Rastafarianism, trying to get a spot on the Parole Board. For a long time, an appearance on this Board show was – and, to some extent, remains – the benchmark for any aspiring smack head. For many rising con-artists, you were only considered relevant if you had been refused by the Board.

Yes, Bob’s clout as the self-described “coke-keeper” has declined over the past few years, mainly due to the difficulty he finds in projecting his influence from a depth of six feet. Nonetheless, turning down an invitation to appear on Rasta Radio was not a decision I could take lightly.

A Rasta Radio press release, published in 12 May 1981, announced that “Bob Marley will be broadcasting his show live from Brixton Prison, the main base for Rastafarians in the UK, for 30 consecutive days from 13 May 1981.” Brixton Prison, according to the announcement, was ‘the home of new black music’.

This naturally prompts a question: what does ‘black music’ have to do with the occupation of our prisons - after all they are non-discriminatory and open to all? Indeed, even setting aside the broader fact that as a citizen of this country my taxes were being spent to imprison an entire community, I found this entire press release very alarming.
I SO misread the title and thought it was 'New low for Mod'! I assumed PG has been caught shagging his kids guinea pig again!


whilst interviewing various enlisted men and women about their experiences and blasting out some chooons to the massel]
It may come as a complete surprise but UK forces have no one 'enlisted'!
An 'activist' writing on something he knows nothing about while applying his own bias viewpoint. In short a waste of my screen space and his time typing.
1. MoD PR is bad. really, really bad. To fail to spot that they were on a recruiting drive is suggestive of the sort of IQ that amoeba have.
2. Does anybody still find Westwood anything other than embarrassing and risible?
3. Rap is crap, but the redeeming feature of the artform is the predilection that rappers have for shooting each other. Who gives a toss if some rap prodigy had a hissy fit? Not me.
Thats why your name is victorian major. My chizzle the nizzle and you are a big bulls pizzle!!

But seriously in all honesty I wouldnt say ALL rap is crap.

Personally you cannnot beat the full 15 minute version rappers delight - which i own on my Ipod, tis qualitay and I am quite a big public enemy and beastie boys fan as it doth remind me of my yoof.

However the dayz of dougie fresh and the get fresh crew etc have dwindled into the current arrse gravy..... Modern rap agreed is proper pish.

As for Lowkey my suggestion by his name is that the way he should stay in his recording career, lowkey, if its anything to go by if being represented by Westwood. No doubt some of the troops must have thought that this Westwood is an annoying chooper anyhoo - I certainly cannot listen to his ******* drivel on radio 1 - hes undoubtedly one of the most annoying cocks on R1..... just my 3penneth worth......

Victorian major - enjoy your george formby and craveat wearing and pipe smoking, whilst listening to your cornish morris ladyboy dancing........
My opinion? Meh.
It would have to be a new one, didn't the last one split?
You'd be astonished at the advances in veterinary medicine these days! They use the extra skin they slice off ex-fatties to graft them back together
Tim Westwood is an utter knobend of the first order, a skinny white son of an english vicar pretending to be all gangsta, and I'm amazed that they would think any soldiers would have any time for him. It's probably some old fart at the MOD's idea of 'what kids are into', or something.

Agree with positive comments about Pubic Enemy though :) they wouldn't have much time for him either
Bet its the 'cut' version of Rappers Delight DD as I cannot access U tube on my DII terminal . The 15 minute version was quite risque for the full version.... that song WAS the birth of rap and iconic in its own right..... It was quite rare to get the full version however, I am pleased that I-tunes managed to source it.....

Tbh one of my favourite tunes of all time, however 'Mama said knock you out' by LL Cool J comes a close second in the rapping stakes - awesome lyrics.....
Is this the Blek and Asian section of ARRSE?
I don't think that anyone in their right mind would simply fall for a recruiting stunt of this nature, the multitude of fly on the wall documentaries about the Unwinnable situation in Afghan together with the daily casualty reports on the news have seen to that.
I thought this was another thread knocking the "fat cats" in MB. What a waste of effort. The most shocking aspect is someone in the MOD thought it would be cool to endorse a visit into an operational theatre of a first class knob like Westwood.
Mind you, on Op Granby, we had to put up with Paul Daniels and Kate Adie, so what goes around, comes around I suppose. All's fair in war!

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