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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Blyth_spirit, Apr 16, 2007.

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  1. Looking for some current quotes for TA officer expectations from the TA website I found that it's gone completely new look:

    TA Website

    On the bright side it is not completely recruiting focused, like the last one but on the down side half of the links don't work and they haven't restored paths from unit and other websites.

    For all our recruiting needs we now rely on:

    Army Jobs Home

    Which informs me that
    and will also let me join Kings Troop as a TA mounted Gunner or possibly take a post as a TA mounted dutyman in the AAC! It also seems to have no information at all about officer roles in general and TA officer roles in specific.

    Hopefully these are all teething troubles - I certainly hope so. Knock yourself out by following the links and seeing what the people whose job it is to attract recruits to the army can do with a whacking budget and a top web design agency.
  2. the lead story is May 2006 - not exactly up to date is it! :oops:
  3. is it just me or do none of the links work on the "new" TA website? The ones on the left dont anyway.
  4. The number of broken links is astonishing.
    One that did work was the one to rates of pay but the spelling:

    I wonder which Charlie came up with that? :D
  5. ....whereas we all know that should be spare time basis.
  6. Bingo!!!

    Laughed all the way to the wine bar.
  7. IMHO it is an abortion and an embarrassment.

    Whoever built the site is amateur in the extreme and utterly unprofessional. Even the most junior marketing person (always much maligned) in any civilian organisation would have not made 90% of these errors and would have at least checked it all worked before letting it go live. If they had put it up, they and their boss could well be looking for another career!

    This is the TA web presence that any joe would first come to if he searched the web....

    Heaven help us!

    Please someone pull the plug and get it fixed!
  8. Because the website guys won't (or aren't allowed to) purge defunct pages from the site unless told to do so by Higher.

    When the RY website on was introduced, we had to employ a webmonkey of our own to scour for rogue defunct RY pages, of which Google would throw up many. The webmasters were happy to oblige when asked to remove old pages.

    Something similar should be done for the general TA pages.

    The "new" TA page was last updated in October 2006, while the less-new but still exant one dates back to 2005.

    What may have changed is that the front end of the Army website now links to those previously-ignored pages. Really, what should happen is that the Army front page should link directly to the One Army Recruiting page. As it happens, on the right hand side of the page, there is the "One Army - Regular and Territorial" logo. Click on it and ... nothing.
  9. :x

    This revamp of the TA website has totally Farked up our unit's recruiting procedure and statistics!! I am furious.

    We have been tracking our web statistics using and they had been pretty good. In the days of the old TA site we would normally get around 300 visits per month to our sub unit webpage ( ) and 10- 15 enquiries emailed to us. Out of those 15 maybe 5 would end up coming into the TAC and signing the paper work. This has been the mainstay of our recruiting over the last year. Not now. We are getting around 40% of the traffic we used to get. :cry:

    We could even track which sites the visitors had come to our site from... Our biggest referring website was the "TA Near You" page from the old site which linked directly to ours when you put in a post code. This page has been replaced with an "Army Near You" ( )site which lists all of the army units, in alphabetical order. We have had not one hit from this page in the last month.

    I'm just a tad frustrated with it all. After all the hard work of setting up a (IMHO) decent website to attract potential recruits, the OAR system has now taken them away to be 'managed' or 'streamed' into whichever Arm or Corps the AFCO advises them. Maybe good for the army, but not for our unit.

    Am I being selfish? Am I missing the big picture? Am I just annoyed that we will have to go back to standing all day long in shopping centres trying to convince passers by that the TA is a great way to spend your weeknds (or one year in five on Ops!?)

    Your opinions please.

    And if there is anyone out there from the Army Web Site team I'd love to hear from you! PM me!
  10. Holy Sheeite! I think I have multiple personality disorder! Did I just type that?

    You're not alone, mate.

    In theory, you should be getting people referred to you by the AFCO, centralised OAR phone number, etc. They should make up for some of the shortfall caused by the demise of "TA Near You". So how many have you had?*

    Oh, and by the way: nice site. However, see here:

    Last: Interestingly, after our little discussion mid-April pointing out that the TA pages on the site were ancient and overdue a revamp, they were at last updated (3 May). See here.

    * As with any good open question asked in cross-examination, I already have a fairly good idea of the answer.
  11. msr

    msr LE

    If this is anything to go by, then don't hold your breath:

  12. Yeah, I know.

    Interesting that in the first month of OAR we have had two (only two, mind) bods seeking the most basic info about local units from Arrse.

    Actually, I think we should all relax. With the help of Arrse, Google and friendly offshore web server hosting types, we should be able to keep the TA alive.