New Look Arrse

Not a fan of the new layout, everthing (literally) back to front. I mean at least keep the message layout the same (name of poster + avatar, etc. on the left). It's just annoying, seeing as every other forum in the entire world that ever existed is like that.
Is this avatar better, sirs?
Its an...odd way of doing it.

Interesting, but rather spaktacular at the same time.


War Hero
it confused me at first but now i like it
I am over 45 and a field officer, (nominally) in a technical Corps...harummph! Change is bad!

Don't like the avatar on the left but could learn to cope with the rest of it I s'pose!


I mean on the right, the right!! Sarn't those chaps back would you, apparently we are "retreating" as the enemy have an unassailable numerical superiority and are dug into Stage 3 with full OHP; I always get those two confused...
Well I suppose I'll get use to it - but it seems so 'open plan' I could get agrophobic of something - see ...... yet another change I was C of E now agrowhatsit!
And not sure yet about the personalised greeting. When I first logged on it said 'auntsis why are you sitting there in a trance?' I had to stop meself from looking behind the screen for the camera!
And as I'm a Luddite as far as IT is concerned why do my pm's now get listed in 'outbox' as opposed to 'sent box'? Has it been sent or has it just gone out????
Advice please.
Mummy Help!

I like the mini-slagging on the home page though, nice to feel wanted.

Does my d1ck look big in this?
still21inmymind said:
I like the mini-slagging on the home page though, nice to feel wanted.
I thought some cnut was fecking my account about at first

"rabid_hamster, warning! your image upload DirtyRimmings69.jpg has been quarantined."

... still haven't worked through the bollocking for doing a google search for 'nuns *******' :D
I don't like it. It was changed about 18 months but the changes were minor and things were where they should be. This is now like a brothel with fresh paint and new girls.
looks a bit chavish to me at the minute,bit too trendy but like cancer it,ll probably grow on me.
still21inmymind said:
Mummy Help!

I like the mini-slagging on the home page though, nice to feel wanted.

Does my d1ck look big in this?
Apparently I trying to become a better lover :p

Its a bit of a strain on the eyes mind, but being immediately confronted with two booties strapped to an AH 64 was quite nice.
Generally I think it is pump.

I managed to get used to a Mac after years on PC's

But this now looks like...well Pump
As my Morse Instructor used to say.... "if you don´t like it, get out"....

But then he was RAF.
greenbaggyskin said:
C'est pas le Guerre, mais c'est fantastique.
Yerrrrsss... When you think what happened to that lot, not exactly a ringing endorsement.

Personally, the avatars switching sides is marginally annoying. It's kinda counter-intuitive when we read from left to right. Maybe 1st Bn the Tinfoil Fusiliers can get some mileage out of it as more evidence of the Islamic Republic of Britain? :D

Other than that, nothing I can't cope with. Me man, me technically competent.
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