New logo - does the TA exist anymore?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Wingletang, Apr 11, 2007.

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    Um, is it me?

    I knew about the revision to the Army Jobs web site - indeed, I knew about the forthcoming change to the logo. I wasn't aware however, that it would be in the public domain quite so soon, nor that it would be launched with so little fanfare.

    Furthermore, I have now sat and looked at it (sad I know) and it strikes me that although it sits there in the top right hand corner - looking for all the world somewhat innocent and polished - it might represent one of the most significant changes in military policy and the history of the TA within the last 100 years.

    An event that happened right under our noses, and one that we had no influence over. One that could be a turning point, irreversible, and perhaps self destructive.

    Just stop for a moment and think about it. What does the new logo say?

    Is it just the next natural step in the process of the TA and the Regulars becoming better integrated? Perhaps it's just a natty bit of marketing and actually, the real substance doesn't match the promise? Maybe it's just a an internal thing and only the military will understand it and it's no great shakes. But maybe, just maybe, is it (in the notable absence of the admittedly horrible and old fashioned green and yellow logo) indicative of something far more sinister, meaningful, and fundamental?

    The more I think about it, the more I am of the opinion that it is the latter.

    No more will there be a clear distinction between Territorial and Regular.
    No more will the broad and 'volunteer' ethos of the self perpetuating TA (as was) exist.
    What real power will the hierarchy of the TA now be able to exert?
    Who's now running the TA?
    What is the TA? - does it exist anymore? (I'm beginning to think not)
    What is 'spare time' (as quoted all over the web site) - could a Regular join the TA in his 'spare' time?
    If we're all part of the same Army - where is the parity of terms and conditions on a pro rata basis?
    Can this leap into a fully joined up effort be sustained? - is it just because of current world events and can it ever be reversed?
    Is it really joined up?

    Is it me?

    thoughts on a postcard ......
  2. You get paid the same, minus the x factor which covers moves etc, not affecting the TA.

    You get RESPOD, you get bonuses for doing things that Regs do not.

    We get a pension, you don't.

    If you want it exactly the same, it isn't going to happen.
  3. Was the use of the word 'You' a fruedian slip? - surely you meant 'We'?
  4. Just meaningless spin I feel, not a new event in todays's world. It's a shame the MoD is spending money on making some firm of image consultants rich instead of buying things like, I don't know, fast armed patrol boats but its not much of an event.

    As long as the TA are "casual labour" and not "part-time" we're never, ever going to integrate in terms of T's and C's with the regulars. (Well, except when we're mobilised of course.) And because the practical implications of "part-time" employment are highly unlikely to be acceptable to your civvy employer I don't see it changing any time soon.

    Remove the volunteer ethos and the TA (or whatever we're called) will cease to exist. Part-time will only be practical for anyone without a proper job who doesn't want to hack it in the regulars full time - just think through the quality implications of that one. Everyone else will either join the regs or find something else to do at the weekends to get away from the job that pays the bills.
  5. I have been TA for 20 years (almost to the day!) and I have seen it change beyond recognition- there is no way the TA that I joined could be involved in the things that are happening today. I have, for a long time, wished an image change on the TA and perhaps it is coming albeit slowly.
    It is possiblr that the TA will become more part time than volunteer based as it is with the Nat Guard in the USA- if you dont turn up to a trg weekend the MPs turn up at your doorstep. Hoorah. Cut the wheat from the chaff.
  6. I rest my case. Maybe the TA hasn't properly existed for a while now. What is emerging is an 'active reserve', not made up of weekend warriors but part timers - the two are very different in approach, attitude, availability and expectations.

    Ho hum.
  7. Yeah then ship the bastards to a combat zone ! No Prison time, no getting out. :twisted:

    That bl**dy awful green & yellow logo with its dodgy typeface straight out of 'Life on Mars' redolent of mullet haircuts, spacehoppers and the 'Professionals' on the telly is finally - finally - biting the dust.

    Another step forward to actually feeling properly proud of my part-time career, rather than slightly sheepish & embarrassed, due to the widespread negative image.

    As far as your other questions go, Wingletang, it will not surprise you to know that I am a little more optimistic about the changes than you appear to be.
  9. Am I alone in recalling the slogan "TA - Part time professionals" ?
  10. Top observation.
  11. It doesn't look like that where I am - I suspect that units do very considerably. Mind you, we're a bunch of old geezers so the TA has to fit round work and family. We do get youngsters in who want to do more but they tend to go regular fairly quickly - they'd be pretty stupid not to after all.

    That said, recruiting and retaining enough youngsters to replace the current incumbents is a slow motion car crash - but I suspect this is driven my the growing incompatibilty of the TA with a job and family rather than by attitudes once in.
  12. We have known about the launch of OAR for best part of a year now and it has been debated extensively in these forums.

    It was intended to launch with a huge amount of fanfare but unfortunately the Iranians decided to interfere with what otherwise would have been a quiet news week.

  13. I welcome the change from the old 'Green and Yella' to something more positive, reflecting the current commitments and closer integration with our regular counterparts. It is at least 15 years overdue.

    However, by no means do I think that this piece of window dressing will, at a stroke, transform the public image of the TA from the Gareth/Dads Army stigma and consign TA/Reg baiting to the dustbin of history.

    The tensions surrounding TA service remain: the conflicting demands of our families, careers and TA; the weak legislation covering our potential mobilisation; the perceived lack of funding for our training and lack of interest in our progression. These and more will continue to affect TA recruiting, and more importantly, retention until they are properly addressed.

    Until a proper contract, covering all aspects of service, mobilisation, protection and welfare can be agreed by all involved parties we will still be struggling to fulfil the Army's current overstretch requirements while weakening as an organisation.

    A fresh coat of paint won't do that.
  14. The old TA yellow and green logo was dropped as it was a "Negative Brand Image"

    I look at this as a slow retirement of the Territorial name, once TA 100 is out the way wait for the change to "ARMY - Be The Best - Regular and Reserve"

    I doubt however that we will turn into a US NG/AR unit with RMPs kicking the doors in, those organisations are very different to the TA with more money and benefits than we get, force us to turn up will see a massive reduction in serving soldiers and huge impact in recruiting. The best feature of the TA, fustrating as it is for the organisers and regular attenders, is the volunteer "turn up when I can" approach

    Change it at your peril, I for one will have to walk, not because I don't WANT to do the time, but because I CAN'T do the time
  15. Thats a bit OTT, i think SDR was a bigger change.

    It says its the Army... seems pretty simple to me or haven't i read deeply enough into this?

    Maybe you need to see a head doctor? Whats sinister about a logo change? The TA has been a reserve pool of deployable pers for some considerable time now... i don't need a logo to tell me that.

    Eh? Unless you're in barracks Mon-Fri, or on non-voluntary permanent deployment there should be a pretty clear distinction

    No change, same as before.

    The MOD, so no change.

    Yes, it does, but if you're a 40+ pie eating NCO, your days are probably numbered.

    Its the time you spend outside your primary job, where you get to choose what to do. Why would a reg want to join the TA part time? Tit.

    FFS, the T&C are different because the committment is different...

    Thats one for Mystic Meg...