New Liabour sleaze?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Nov 25, 2007.

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    Let's wait on the outcome of some more digging by the Press. Mr Abrahams is a property developer. Perhaps a trawl through planning committee decisions may raise some interesting issues?

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  3. Or perhaps because it is the only way to get away with buying a peerage these days...
  4. Yet another dubious donation fiasco by the Liarbour Party.

    The Political Parties,Elections and Referendums Bill –Donations Bill 34 of 1999-2000 cited perceived concerns as follows:

    large donations from individuals and companies, and, more specifically, the correlation between donations and access to Ministers, influence on policy, favourable commercial considerations, and the receipt of honours or other personal appointments;

    the absence of any obligation on parties to disclose details of donations;

    the receipt of money from anonymous or questionable sources;

    donations from foreign sources;

    fundraising “clubs”, dinners and social occasions where individuals can pay to be introduced to government ministers or prominent Opposition politicians;

    the existence of intermediary bodies such as British United Industrialists (BUI),5 and “blind trusts” (such as that established to fund Tony Blair’s private office as Leader of the Opposition)

    Also under the Political Parties Elections and Referendums Act 2000 Chapter 41 it states in Section 54:

    Permissible donors:

    This section introduces the concept of a "permissible donor", as a means of prohibiting the foreign funding of political parties. Subsection (1) provides that a party may accept a donation only from a permissible donor and where the identity of the donor is known. The latter requirement is intended to cover not only cases where a donation is made anonymously but also where an identity has been given but is clearly fictional (and it is therefore impossible to establish that the donor is a permissible donor).

    This Government is yet again embroiled in funding irregularities which are quite clearly contrary to legislation.

    I`m sure as the investigative journalism ensues, the “hidden agenda” will be exposed and the reasons this Government have wilfully turned a blind eye to obvious funding irregularities.

    I hope the electoral commission hold fully to account, both donor and recipient. Another pending Liarbour whitewash perhaps.
  5. It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if we find out in a bit that he's somehow connected to Prescott's utterly ludicrous Pathfinder 'regeneration' schemes. That or he stands to make some cash out of the governments push to build more houses and open up the green belts to development. Cynical, moi? :)
  6. The can of worms is open and overflowing...

    ...the Liabour General Secretary has resigned

    ...this chap (3rd largest donor) is not quite the non-person and anonymous do-gooder they are making out...


    ...Guido Fawkes reports that the Department of Transport (minister at the time - Douglas Alexander) withdrew an objection to a planning application for a business park alongside the A1 - promoted by Durham Green Developments Ltd, one of Mr Abrahams' companies...

    ...Channel 4 reported tonight that Mr Abrahams has been sued by the Allied Irish Bank for £2million...

    Now I personally doubt there was any explicit trading of cash-stuffed brown envelopes for preferential treatment. But I do believe Mr Abrahams is well-known to the Liabour hierarchy, his donation would have been well-known, and the sneaky back-door method to avoid adverse publicity would have been known to quite a few.

    Anyone seen that BBC programme Our Friends in the North? :twisted:
  7. ""

    Right Wing site, but good tale on Buissiness Site Development in N.E.

    "Durham Green Developments Limited had a planning application for a business park development alongside the A1 motorway blocked by the Department of Transport.

    Raymond Ruddick and Janet Kidd are directors of the company. Details of their directorships here [PDF]. They donated some £400,000 to the Labour party, secretly on behalf of David Abrahams, the owner of Durham Green Developments Limited.

    In October last year the objection to the massive development was dropped by the Department of Transport."
    or what's on offer for 400 K.
  8. he said although he knew about the arrangemnet he didn't know it was wrong until the story broke...or to put it another way, Sh*t I've been caught.
  9. Jesus wept, the figures keep climbing and it just gets worse and worse for Gordon and friends. If they have to return all of the £600,000 worth of donations what's that going to do for their finances? I know they were in fairly dire financial straits a few months or so ago but have they had any improvements since then or is this going to be really serious for them? Christ, Conservative Central Office musting be doing jigs of joy over all of this. :)
  10. Momentum - it can be both positive and negative; right now Broon's got Negative Momentum. Every day a new scandel, another fcuk up, more damaging headlines. Another poll that shows the Tories extending their lead over Labour. And worst of all, from Broon's point of view, there's fcuk all he can do to counter it. All he can do is try to ride it out.

    Could'nt happen to a nicer CNUT! :twisted:

    I can't wait to read Sven's reaction! C'mon Sven - do you only sing when your winning?! :D
  11. I have to view the latest offering of damage limitation by the Liarbour Party with a huge degree of sceptisism, and due to the nature of the incident I am sure there is a degree of collusion and corruption involved.

    Looking at Peter Watts Statement of resignation:

    "As General Secretary and registered Treasurer I am legally responsible for the reporting obligations for the Party under the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000.

    "I was aware of arrangements whereby David Abrahams gave gifts to business associates and a solicitor who were permissible donors and who in turn passed them on to the Labour Party and I believed at the time my reporting obligations had been appropriately complied with.

    "As a result of press coverage over the weekend, I sought legal advice on behalf of the Labour Party.

    "I was advised that, unbeknown to me, there were additional reporting requirements.

    Mr Watts background is as follows:

    Peter has worked for the party for nine years as a local organiser for Battersea and Wandsworth, then working in head office on election delivery and recruitment and then as Regional Director of the Eastern region, before returning to head office to head up the compliance unit.

    For someone who has worked on election delivery for some nine years, I find it hard to believe that I ( a simple citizen) can extract the necessary legal criteria from the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000 and correctly interpret their meaning and this has been beyond his intellectual grasp.

    With an entire political legal team working on his behalf, they have all failed to spot the rather obvious legal implications. This was not just a silly oversight, it was a failure to observe the law, and as such should result in criminal investigation and proceedings.

    If this is the example of diligence Liarbour set (and let us not forget that most of these politicians have legal backgrounds) then woe betide this country.
  12. Correct. He was involved in the previous 'cash for peerages' scandal. At the time, he claimed that he didn't know he was doing anything wrong - sound familiar?

    I had thought that he was the guy who is up in court in Italy after alleged corruption involving - would you believe it - illegal political payments. But I was wrong. That was, in fact, David Mills, husband of Tessa Jowell MP, our minister for the Olympics, who is currently in charge of the 12 billion quid Olympic kitty.

    Harriet Harman's sister was a judge who had to resign after passing confidential papers to Harriet and subsequently being convicted of contempt of court.

    Government objections to a very large planning application by one of Abrahams' companies were withdrawn following a particularly generous donation by Abrahams (all laundered via intermediaries of course). As Vince Cable, acting CO of the Lib Dems said, this moves the whole matter from the realm of political sleaze to the realm of serious, criminal corruption. Has Yates of the Yard vacated his office yet?

    Makes you proud to be British, doesn't it?

    Does anybody know if there's any truth in the rumour that all sharp objects, mess Webleys and ligature points have been removed from Gordon's office at No. 10?
  13. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    It is odd how many of these sanctimonious Labour types who are being paraded in the media at the moment talking about "transparency" all seem to have such a poor grasp of finances. Tessa Jowell whose husband was doing dodgy mortgages with dirty money and then claimed she "..didn't know what was going on.." even though she signed the applications.

    And they think we should trust them to run the country's finances?

    Their legacy will be the Labour Party permanently associated with lies, spin, mistrust and an "economy with the truth"
  14. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    The BIG questions that need answering are not:

    Who was he, how much did he actually donate and who knew about it, but . . .

    Who ELSE has been doing it, for how much, and for how long.

    WHY did he resign so quickly? Is it to 'close this chapter'? Are we going to start looking for more 'donors'? I think we should, because I for one am certain that this will only be the tip of the iceberg.

    How nice of the opposite side of the house to use words like 'incompetence' and such.

    How about words like: 'illegal', 'crime', 'criminals', 'corruption', 'sack', 'dissolve'? They are great words, but sadly under-utilised by our elected representatives.

    Edited to add: