New lease of life??

"I once was lost, but now am found..........."

Anyone else's unit's seemed to have picked up the pace? These past few weeks have seen a definite increase in activity and training?

I've done minimal trade-related training since joining almost a year ago (granted I was stuck in the recruitment process and could only do drill/PT on Tuesdays for a while) but there's been a lift in morale as drill nights have actually been productive.

Even the new recruits are happy, trained soldiers are happy, the brass are (I think) happy but.........................will it last??

Answer: I hope so.
My old sqn has really gripped the lack of trade training and recently turned everything around....

So yes.... at the mom. everybody is happy
Glad to hear that...

We've also recently stopped the recruits from going thro drill, weapons, PT etc on drill nights. I thought they'd be bored and from your replies I guess I was right....

More A&P gentlemen????


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Get used to it. Almost all the TA follows a pretty strict training cycle. Sod all happens in the Summer, little in December, and most training takes place perforce in spring and Autumn. Always been like this.
tbh I didn't mind doing PT, but ALL the time, it gets boring and the only 'action' I saw was on sqn weekends.

As for weapons handling, I don't think there's such a thing as 'too much'. Especially in the time running up to the recruits course.

I actually really enjoy drill (sad I know) even from my cadet days (stick orderly on annual camp, remembrance parades etc). I get a real buzz and pride from parading in public (not sure if that's due to my arrogant or show-off nature lol) but when you're marching (in time) with a full squad, with people watching, you get a real sense of pride and patriotism; hits me right in the belly that does :D

If things carry on the way they are at the moment, I'll get that same feeling from turning up on parade nights.

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