New law to permit small brothels

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by FNUSNU, Jan 17, 2006.

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  1. Well, as the locally based Nepalese mercenary unit knows, there are three brothels in the quaint seaside town of Folkestone!
  2. Always thought Cheeks in Aldershot was a Brothel!!!!
  3. does this mean there'll be a red light swinging outside the wrac block.
  4. You'd actually be prepared to pay them! 8O

    You should be able to walk out of there with at least enough money for your cab fare home, and a kebab. :wink:
  5. didnt say i was prepared to pay for it - but they might as well legalise it and make a few pence on the side and stop poncing beers off of the troops
  6. Well, hurrah and huzzah...a location for our troop smoker at last!
  7. Christ, your showing your age now. WRAC been gone for years now, I vaguely remember 10 Coy in Aldershot disbandment party in around 1990ish.
  8. There may not be wracs in your army but there are in mine - same as there are still wraf, wrens and wpcs - nothing wrong with good old honest sex discriminations.
  9. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    "New law to permit small brothels"

    The high pitched sound you hear is RTFQ cheering that he won't have to be lifted onto the counter any more.
  10. Sorry, by the title of this thread, i thought Dwarf brothels had finally been legalised, and had visions of the entire cast of Willow opening a tree top massage parlour...

    it'd be like having sex in an episode of "land of the giants"
  11. RTFQ


    But I'm not sure there'd be enough room for my Tp to watch. I suppose I could do my "Law of Armed Conflict" briefings by sections, but I'd get a bit tired.

    "Hey Oliviana, how much 'one go, 8 watch?'..."
  12. I, for one, find the word 'brothel' both impersonal and vaguely seedy.

    What's wrong with the altogether more jocular 'knocking shop'?

    Surely legalising prossy-ma-tution takes all the fun out of it. Why would you want to bang a brass in a tastefully decorated domestic residence, when for the same money, you could be fellated next to the wheelie bins behind an indian restaurant, being watched by cats and tramps?

    It's the same as porn being less fun if your wife doesn't mind you watching it.

    Confining it to two workers is a bit unfair as well. Gone are the days when you could sit there, lording it with a massive cee-gar before making your choice from a variety of ethnic origins and arrse sizes. Now it'll have just be eeny-meeny-miny-mo.
  13. My entrepreneurial head is working over-time. I have yet to fully cost my business plan but I am seeking investors in a new construction company hoping to corner the market in inner-city two bedroom apartment blocks around the UK.

    I have a few sketches of the proposed buildings (in crayon) which will incorporate a large atrium with catwalks and a proposal for a front desk (concierge in the more upmarket areas) manned by a rent-a-squaddie (always thinking of the boys) and a ropey old tart (read NAAFI manageress/Madam) on the phone. I was also thinking of adding communal swimming pools and jacuzzi’s, space permitting.

    I am also seeking interior decorators with a “red satin and mirrored ceiling” bent.

    Obviously a 10% Discount on production of MoD 90 will apply.

    Jump on now for guaranteed success. Planning permission is already in for premises in Colchester and Aldershot. Any suggestions for where to target next? And I don't have a company name yet, Corrimech Towers maybe?
  14. Yet typical of this government and their manning policy; it just has to be stag-on, stag-off with this bunch doesn't it! Nae slack in the system...