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New laptop

I am thinking of getting a new laptop. Looking a spending around £500ish and using it to surf the net and watch DVD's etc. Not after a dogs borrocks thing with all the bells and whistles. Anybody got a reccommendations?
BEMA said:
Cant do games, to many buttons need to be pushed!
Is the Apple easy :D for a technophobe to use?
I'm living proof of that :D The downside is that the software is more expensive. You're more likely to get a better deal/bundle for a pc if you just want a machine to do the basics. If you can handle the staff, PC World have got a sale on failing that try the internet eg. www.pixmania.co.uk
yup ! pc based laptop the logical,economical sensible choice : but for someone not really up to speed with the latest babbage machines go and fondle a macbook; you may not buy one but you will know that one day,just one day you will have to have one..........

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