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Sad night tonight, after 5 years service and a tour of Afghanistan and visits to the boggy land my laptop has finally given up the ghost.

So instead of googling and researching what laptop would be suited to me, I thought I would seek the sagely advice of my fellow arrsers as I am a complete Techno biff and don't understand what the gubbins mean.

What I am looking for is a laptop for playing footy manager, surfing tinterwebs and the odd bit of word processing work. I have got an external hard drive so dont need loads of storage space and don't do photo editing shiz either. Also, being a tight sheep bothering porridge wog, cheap is cheerful so lowest price would be preferred.

I put this forward to you now, and await your collective wit, piss taking and general character assassinations, hopefully peppered with the occasional nugget of helpful information.

Cheers ta,

Quick bump as I will be looking at new laptops today.
PC World had somevery good deals going when I was in UK a couple of months ago.
cheers for the advice folks, popped into pc world and spied a decent acer but have been put on to dell outlet refurbed models so will have a look there too.
think i saw that, ref a lennovo? saw a toshiba but was scared off after reading that thread!


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A few random thoughts;

Dell - Reasonable machines, but a bit overpriced and their customer service is appalling - even with business customers.
Acer - budget brand, never had any real issues with them.
HP - they need to stick to what they know best. Printers. Two brand new HP laptops had failed HDD after a week.
Toshiba - My preferred choice - robust build quality, good pricing. I hear that Samsung are reliable machines too.
Mac - yes they are lovely, but the build quality is crap and very flimsy (cue the flaming!!) seeing as you pay such a lot of money for them. Would never have one. Seen too many friends go through heartache with macs! iPads/iPhones - yeah they're ok!

AVOID PC World/Currys/Comet et al. Go to somewhere like Laptops | Laptop. Buy cheap laptops, ultrabooks, tablet pcs, netbooks and iPads from Laptops Direct or Cheap Laptops, Printers, PC's & Computer Monitors from Microwarehouse or Computers, Laptops, tablets, printers, monitors, hard drives, computer parts & more
You'll get a much better deal. Maybe even try Amazon?

Once you have decided on which laptop you want, shop around for the best price - try pricerunner or something like that.
You could always try 'laptops direct' which have good deals, PC World as previously stated have regular deals also.

Personally I'm a Sony Vaio fan & have been for years, I bought a reconditioned one in 2006 & still going strong (battery has faired well too).

Dell, although I've never purchased brand new are good second hand machines which can be modded easily to you hearts content if you have the time etc.
Cheers for the advice folks, think I'm going to look at the dell outlet site, seems reasonably priced for decent spec refurbed laptops.
And just for the record last year I bought a Sony Vaio all singing etc with 4gb RAM, 500 gb ROM, Windows Vista home prem and MS Office, from PCW and they threw in a decent carry bag and some other odds n ends all for less than 600 quid.
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