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Afternoon all,

Just bought myself a new laptop for Uni at the end of the year, and obviously connected to the internet.

However, i don't want this getting as jammed up and as full of crap as the last computer was, so can anyone recommend some half-decent free security programs etc?

Also, any other advice for the best things to do to on it that will help in the future, hints and tips etc?

It's currently got a subscription to McAfee and that's about it.

Microsoft security essentials, spybot S&D, malawarebytes, AVG....

msr will be on soon, he's the guru of all things IT security wise!
Replace McAfee with Microsoft security essentials: or avast: (choose one)

Make sure you install all the windows updates and ensure your applications are up to date with Secunia PSI:

You might like to replace Adobe acrobat reader with foxit reader:

Seeing as how many laptops get pinched at Uni, I would also recommend encrypting the HDD with truecrypt: or use PGP from armynet.

PGP is pretty good, available from ArmyNet.

also CryptainerLE for your USBs. If you have anything worth nicking on them. They are self bootable too, so you can put it in a machine without the software being installed.
Slightly off thread but buy a Portable Disk Drive to enable back up and synchronisation of files on your Laptop .... not very expensive but invaluable in the unfortunate event of the theft of your Laptop . I use Truecrypt and the encrypted files can easily be copied onto the Portable Disk Drive .
msr said:
Hobo-Ken said:
And get yourself a Kensington lock as well.
It will deter the casual thief:
Ha! Indeed...

But I'm guessing that most laptops thefts are by casual thieves. It's not exactly Raffles stuff is it? The point is that it might just be a way of deflecting your casual thief onto someone who couldn't be bothered to spend the few extra quid...

Crime displacement rather than crime prevention.
Thanks a ton for the replies guys.

Never heard of Secunia before, but now using it and i'm impressed. I'd no idea programs like that even existed.

It's literally gone through everything, found the updates for them and given me the option to download from the same window, and it's free, winner!

Next problem for you gurus- Is there a way to integrate the Winamp Toolbar into Chrome? Can't find the option, but can for IE.
Lampard said:
Next problem for you gurus- Is there a way to integrate the Winamp Toolbar into Chrome? Can't find the option, but can for IE.
Bin winamp and replace with VLC:


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