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Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by carlbcfc, Nov 16, 2010.

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  1. Carl try the Samsung R730 the dogs nuts got mine from Comet £529-00 17.5 " screen and nice to look at.
    BCFC ? Bristol City ?
  2. The thing to think about with laptops is, are you going to have to lug it around a lot - If the answer is no, it's just gonna sit on a table at home or such, a big screen laptop is fine - if you ever expect to have to carry it around to meetings etc, buy something lighter with a 12" or so screen - it may not be like tabbing with a bergen, but its amazing how heavy a 17" screen laptop feels when you are lugging about every day in a briefcase.

    In my experience, (as an IT manager), people who bought Sony Vaio's never regretted it - they are well designed and well put together, and tend to last until you want something flashier and faster.
  3. Sailorsam, cheers, but after the issues we have had with the Mrs's Samsung laptop, I will not be buying their product again. Birmingham City mate.

    Pete, mainly home use. There are a few Vaio's on that list, is there one that stands out to either of you?

    Also, will the Duel Core Vaio perform better than the Quad Core Acer? I will mainly use the laptop for browsing, maybe the odd game in the future, and I also use convertxtodvd quite a lot. Converting a few disks at a time seems appealing with the Quad Core, but I bet it is made like a bag of shite.
  4. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer - I find their reviews are almost invariably pretty handy when making purchases like this.
  5. Thanks maguire, the Acer I am looking to compare the Sony Vaio EB with is not on that website. I have checked a few reviews, cnet, trusted reviews etc. They are reviewed at different levels, the Acer seemingly being compared to higher spec machines than the Sony Vaio EB.

    What I am trying to work out is whether I go for the power of the of the Acer with the ugly face, or the good looking Sony that is not as powerful.
  6. I've got a Vaio netbook running Vista, for travelling, and it is bonk. It must have the slowest processor in the world and the screen refresh is terrible. Booting up takes about 6 minutes and I have stripped down the running applications to a minimum. The laptops on the other hand always seem to be pretty good. I also have 2 Toshiba Satellites, one with XP and the other with W7 and they are excellent.
  7. I just bought an HPdv6 3050 in the us for just under $800

    It has very good inards for the price, runs Win7 x64, it looks good and and feels well built.

    I could still be in the new gadget honeymoon period but I give it a secret hug everynight before bed, when my wife isn't looking. In short, why not have a look at an HP?

    On the other hand I have an Acer aspire netbook and it is a pile of poo. I know they are fundamentlly different things but the Acer is not fit for purpose and should not have been on sale.
  8. Lenovo G Series 250GB 15.6in Laptop. Argos Cat. No.508/3235 £329 - Now £20 cheaper than when I got it three weeks ago and good spec and value for money. Used cash saved to get Student rate MS Office 2010 Prof Plus from Software4Students. Decent spec, sturdy and does what it says on the tin.
  9. msr

    msr LE

    I think the correct link is: reghardware: From the lab to the living room

    Personally, I would recommend: A-List Reviews | PC Pro

  10. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    I second msr. Pcpro's a-list is excellent. My last 2 vaios and the mrs' dell all came more or less top of their class and were well worth it.

    Don't buy in currys, Argos etc. They're expensive and if discounted it's for a reason. Go to (excellent choice and service), amazon or one of the Tottenham court road online shops like microanvika.

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  11. I've also had two Toshiba laptops one needed a new battery as they were exploding and causing fires it also needed a new keyboard, the other needed a new fan then the screen packed in. I've a HP at present and not been any bother.
  12. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    to save cash a lot of cheaper laptops also have cheaper batteries which only last an hour, fine if you use it as a desktop replacement to take mind off missus watching stenders next to you on the sofa. what they tend to do know is take an old design and pimp the case up a bit to sell it a bit cheaper. there's also so much rebadging that you dont really know who's machine you are buying. even sony now and lenovo will reuse asus and clevo machines. a proper samsung should be a decent machine as they make some of the best components out there. so many clones out there its hard to find a proper machine sometimes but it does bring the prices down

    laptops will never be truly gamer machines so its not worth trying to compete, you can get a good result on games from the bargain bin though.

    the main thing is ergonomics, some of the keyboard designs and key postions are pretty bone but you can get used to them, the higher rating the processor the hotter is it likely to get so look out for machines with big vents in bottom of the case as that isnt a good thing. a core 2 machine with more ram is often faster than a more expensive quad core. windows will still do its best to ruin everything anyway and most software isnt even designed for 2 cores so wont use four properly.

    personally I prefer a 14 inch screen as the footprint is lap friendly, bigger machines often seem too brittle and easier to break. I used to like to buy ex corporate ibms as they has full on warranties but now I buy durabooks as they dont mind being dropped occasionally.

    if argos still have their 14 day return thing you could maybe get one or two on trial, meantime cruise the sheds and get some tactile time with whats on show.

    from your list I'd go for the toshiba satellite a300 with win7 as its well specced and the screens are cheaper and thats the most likely breakable bit. good battery life and everything else you need
  13. Thank you for your opinions, I have checked out all your recommendations. It is going on the Argos card so it has to be there.

    What is wrong with the quad core Asus? The CPU seems to out perform everything around that price. It has DDR3 RAM, which I was told (here) to make sure my new machine has. It seems like a good desktop replacement, that is capable for heavy multitasking.

    It outperforms the i3's around my price range.

    AMD Phenom II X4 N930 Notebook Processor - Tech
  14. For what it is worth I am a hard core Mac guy but my son bought a Sony laptop a couple of years ago and no problems at all, the wifi aspects work great, he loves it.