New laptop; can it support the following specifications?

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by Knightwars4, Oct 27, 2011.

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  1. Right, which of one these laptops is better suited to support these specification:


    for these specifications:




    PS Budget is £550. Exchanging my laptop at Currys through my insurance policy on another laptop.
  2. In a word, no. Gfx is not suitable.

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  3. The Pavillion has 1GB dedicated graphics which is better than not having any.
  4. You'd be best off with the pavillion but it won't be great as it has inbuilt gfx.
  5. The Radeon card only has 256 memory, so the pavillion is better
  6. GFX? I used to be tech savvie but I got out of the PC scene a long time ago. Which laptop has got GFX? Inspiron?

    Figured it out. Nevermind.
  7. I originally thought Pavillion as my first choice as well.
  8. The Dell is a quicker laptop with more memory but as a Intel HD intergrated graphics. The HP is slightly slower but has the better graphics card. The HP is also a lot better on battery power. The question is what do you want to do on it? If you need to do things with lots of graphics then the HP is your bet. If you need speed and processor power then it will be the Dell.

    Personanlly I would go for the HP for battery power and graphics performance.
  9. Does it have to be Curry's?
  10. PC World do the same stuff as Currys and PC World are both different faces to the same company. When I was at Currys they told me they were both the same in terms of products, support, deals etc etc.
  11. I'm looking at a particular videogame for my benchmark: Diablo 3. The requirements for it are in the 2nd photo in the original post. So yeah, HP is probably going to be better.

    Here's a question for all. How do you compare clock speeds on different processors? Eg Quad core 1.8GHz to Dual core 2.2Ghz? What is the benchmark for comparing different cores and their speeds?
  12. If you need more info to make a more refined judgement just ask.

    Blizzard Support

    ^A bit more info on specs for Diablo 3.
  13. Sorry if the reply was a bit short. The spec you showed looked like the minimum requirements for a game, hence the graphics card requirement. Most cheap laptops come with gash graphics in terms of gameplay - onboard Intel stuff mostly which will show a spreadsheet fine but show it a game and it'll fold. The cheapest suitable one I can find on the Currys site is this:

    Which, at £799, is a pisstake.

    Something like this will meet the spec and fit your budget:

    HP ProBook 4525s Laptop - Laptops |
  14. Haha! Those where the recommended requirements for Diablo 3. It's more of a casual game in terms of graphics and other gucci stuff.
    The graphics card requirement is for video I think. Would you know the clock speed for Intel Core i3? and would it match up to Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4Ghz?