New Language Pay DIN

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Bagster, Sep 20, 2009.

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  1. ...and the news is good for linguists, very good indeed.

    In short, the system is a lot fairer and means that everyone should get at least long as you're qualified in one of the operational languages, doing a job that requires it, and have qual'd (or re-qual'd) in the last 3 years.

    I can see a lot of people wanting to requalify now as the amounts involved make it worth it.

    Well done Sir, and thanks for all your hard know who you are. :)
  2. Meaning more work for those of us at DSL-that's 2 beers you owe me Bagster :wink:
  3. Yeah people are gonna start rammin into the DSL classrooms but exactly how many Pashtu teachers do we have?
  4. All that extra cash should just about cover the cost of driving home from Haverfordwest every weekend! :lol:

    (Dons MK6a and awaits incoming.....)
  5. Have non of you lot heard of babelfish?
  6. Lots on paper, however, ......good ones?

    I reckon 5.
  7. and by "weekend", you mean every thursday lunchtime.
  8. ...and starting late on mondays too no doubt.
  9. "...Officers are reminded that "after duties Friday" means Thursday lunchtime and not Wednesday afternoon".
  10. Anyone got the number for the DIN - can't find it on ArmyNET. (Has it been published yet?)
  11. So...just how much time, effort and money has been wasted on re-inventing the wheel?..Again.
  12. For such an experienced chap you clearly haven't grasped the fact that time, effort and money are irrelevant. It is the circular nature of producing staff work which is all-important.
  13. Ops_Offr; DIN not yet published on Army Net. But if you log on to the Army portal on DII (or whatever system you use at work) you will find it if you search for new DINs. PM me if you cannot find it.

    In essence an Expert (Diploma) award (a total of 13 SLP points or more, ie 3334) gives you £11,700 (I think) as the basic language award on completing the course plus almost £24.00 a day on top of that as long as you are in a recognised post that requires you to use your language. If you then do an Op tour, after your 180th day (ie six months) your daily rate of language pay goes up to £35.00'ish a day. After your 4th Op tour (if you can get 4 tours in) the daily award tops out at just over £70.00 per day. Read the DIN for full details and confirm the above figures.

    Comes into effect 1 Dec 09, if you're on the current Pilot system you should automatically move into the new scheme.

    Not bad eh!

  14. Don't forget that all those figures are taxable and might well push some reletively junior personnel into the 40% tax bracket. That said it is good to see talent and effort being rewarded.
  15. BLUF - Still more money though!