New land speed record attempt - 1000mph!

Yep, that crazy pair- Messrs Noble and Green are at it again. Going supersonic on the ground wasn't enough for them so they are going to attempt to hit 1000mph in 2011.

I think its bloody brill we still have chaps like this. Good old fashioned Britishness.

Link to Bloodhound website.

It will have a Typhoon engine and a rocket engine. The wheels will be made out of titanium to help to overcome the 10500 rpm they'll spin at and the massive 50,000g centrifugal force they will experience!


Mad as a bag of wasps if you ask me.....
It's nutters like them that make this country great! Good luck to 'em.


Wonder what the Driver's life insurance quote is!
trowel said:
I would give a lot to be there to see them do it.

Probably not going to see that much, just a big cloud of dust.
To put it into perspective what they are trying to attempt. 1000mph is approx Mach 1.313 (or 1.33 if they elect to use the Black Rock Desert - elevation of 3848 ft). There are currently no aircraft around that can achieve that speed at sea level. The F16C can 'only' do just under Mach 1.3 at sea level, a Tornado theoretically can do Mach 1.2, Typhoon also Mach 1.2 at sea level.


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They are mentalists but I hope they do it. That is 250mph faster than before.
mercurydancer said:
They are mentalists but I hope they do it. That is 250mph faster than before.

Which is the biggest leap from a previous record I believe. The current largest leap is 133mph set by Thrust SSC over Thrust 2.
Makes you proud to be British doesn't it. Im sure i remember reading somewhere about the attempt with Thrust SSC that the American fella who died last year and whose name eludes me at this time was trying for the record himself on another part of the desert when they heard the sonic boom he supposedly told his team to pack up and go home because they wont beat that.
No doubt not many people in this country will give a toss, Big Brother or strictly come cnuting will be on, and in the following New Years honours they will be beaten out of the award by some scumbag chav who spelt his name correctly on his dole application.

Me, bitter?
Not quite 1000mph now is it?
jonwilly said:

That's 0-60mph in 1 second.
Luv it.
Mental, it's just not right having a bike that is that quiet!


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"Typhoon Engine"= whoops, oh dear, etc

Anything that's been that close to the RAF is obviously contagious
jonwilly said:

That's 0-60mph in 1 second.
Luv it.

Impressive if not slightly gay due to it being quieter than a back bench Labour MP.

If you are after impressive stats, look no further than top fuel dragsters. 0-60 in half a second, 100 mph after about 20 meters, 8000 bhp, 1/4 mile in 4.7 seconds and tops out at 325mph and, this is the most impressive thing, 150Db of instantaneous pure porn sound (a jet engine on reheat is a puny 120 Db).

I urge anyone who has any amount of fuel coursing through their veins to pop across to Santa Pod to feel the sheer hard-on that is Top fuel dragsters. If you've never experienced 8000bhp hitting your body from 50 feet then you are gayer than The Village People.

Another piccie from my own photo collection; Santa Pod FIA European Drag Racing Championships 2008.
The same Wg Cdr Andy Green that would rather "drink his own piss" than attend a beer call with the groundcrew?

I really hope that he doesn't crash. Seriously. That would be terrible. Compulsive viewing though... :twisted:

Edit- Damn you, arrse, stop substituting urine for piss!

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