New Ladybird Books On Sale.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by intergeri, Aug 2, 2009.

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  1. Ladybird have brought out a range of books aimed at todays youngsters:

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  2. When are they doing "Punctuation for Scots"? Sorry, mate, it is the NAAFI.
  3. When they give the English a sense of humour :roll:
  4. Ah'llfrickinburstyeyesassenachbassfurevensuggestinusjockscannaefcukinpunctuate.

    Getyerslritetaefcuk .. :wink:
  5. Or National Identity for the English maybe? :wink:
  6. Hey, you sneaked one lil' apostrophe in there!
  7. And three full stops (that was just taking the piss)

    I read the title as 'Ladyboy' :oops:
  8. Shite thread.
  9. What dya expect from a jock :roll: and a civvy ( intergeri )

  10. Jeez you're good, you must be in intelligence. How did you find out that information about me?

    Oh and Dale, sorry it doesn't include a pic of you looking like a tart, maybe then you would have approved :wink:
  11. Where are those then??
  12. You mean you don't know? Ask le_crabe_tambour, he's the one that's in intelligence :D
  13. i think you're talking bollocks
  14. Looks like you'll never know.