New Labour trains kids to grass up parents!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by armchair_jihad, Mar 22, 2008.

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  1. A major triumph for New Labour trained Yoof!!

    What do you do with a 15 year old who dobs his Mum? I sense a career in Politics or todays Police service is made for this lad.
  2. Why is this in the NAAFI bar?
  3. Sounds like he is destined for a job at the Ministry of Love.
  4. mmm good point I didn't see that
  5. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    If it wasn't I couldn't snigger at her husbands name

    and her husband, Folker Pope

    Heeeeeee's called Folker Pope

    At least his parents had a sense of humor :D

    Has the 15 year old been taken into care for his own safety?

    From the article
    something he now regrets
    Amazing what you forget once a sound beating has been administered

    2 miles up the road there will be some toe rag knocking fukc out of a 6 month old baby who social services will think is safe
    "She broke her leg skateboarding officer"
    "Ok then phone us when you've killed her"

    Social services = Lentil,bean eating lesbian cunts = another good reason for it to be in the Naffi
  6. Thanks for the affirming comments the_boy_syrup, I had not noticed the Hubby name....snigger
  7. Good lah, we'll make an RMP of him yet...
  8. As I recall the Nazi's did this in the 1930 and 40's!

    And the Communists from late 1940's onwards!

    And Teachers wonder why the kids are spoilt and unruly?

    What goes around, comes around!
  9. thrash the little sh1t with a huge barbed wire stick.
  10. It'd be funny, if it wasn't so tragicly true :cry:

    Didn't the TV advert on The Running Man offer prizes for dobbing people in, and extra prizes for dobbing in a family member!!!!!
  11. Now that the complaint has been found to be without merit, will that little shite be put in jail?

    I hope the parents meted out some 'reasonable chastisement' to him. Clearly, despite having had 15 years of practice, he has problems understanding the concept of parental responsiblity. On that basis he should be neutered as we cannot allow the likes of him to raise children!
  12. It states that the complaint was without merit, yet the two children are still on the Protection Register. Looks as if they have to prove innocence more than once.
  13. I bet the 15yo is even more gutted he wont be going on any more holidays. He'd be on Op Hairshirt if it were me. Definitly on the bottom of the pile for anything new.

    The Police and the Social Services need to get a fcuking grip, and put everything back how it was.

    The school will come to their own descision.
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