New Labour to reintroduce window tax

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armchair_jihad, Mar 23, 2008.

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  2. frankly, I wouldn't put anything past this lot...
  3. This lot are really beginning to get on my Fcuking Tits!!!!

    Council Tax shouldn't be on where your house is, or what you've done to YOUR home to make it nicer to live in.

    Tax is what the local council needs to provide amenities for you, and as such should be split amongst the populace, fairly. Not so that someone get's totally shafted for having some care for their house.

    Fcuking Liabour, bunch of cnu.ts.

    "We're just just valueing your house, taking down it's particulars and putting them on a list.... that's all. We're not going to tax you or anything."

    I've got a novel idea for these idiots.

    Tax everyone by income, at source. Tax and Council Tax.

    Then stop taxing.

    Ensure waste is stopped at all levels, and in all agencies. That would include stupid positions such as five a day, and resusable nappy advisers.

    Cut benefits, and prevent it being such an easy life to be on the dole.
  4. It's beginning to get to a point for many when they wonder why they work and pay bills. The last few months have seen many things increase in price, but wages have not increased. Thing is even if Labour are voted out, the next government will not abolish or decrease any taxes they introduced. Labour condemned the Tories for introducing Council tax, but they never abolished it.
    If you are a doley family, then you don't pay council tax. If you have no interest in improving where you live then that's ok.

    If however you want to work and imrove your quality of life you get shafted all the way.

    How long wil it be before they see how much you are saving then just take a wad because you are doing well ?

    Cannot understand why we pay so much for the police in the council tax. They should be making a profit.

    If someone steals a car and a helicopter is used, when they are caught the fine should include any costs incurred in their capture plus 10%.

    As chocolate frog says the easy dole life must be stopped. Plenty of jobs here - as the Poles will verify, but our own natives are too well off sitting at home watching sky and getting all their bills paid. :evil:
  5. Yet another reason for me to go live and work in Australia, especially with houses being 10 or more time starting salary.
  6. many of us have an idea of what SHOULD be done but this would contrast with the class war being fought by stealth by those in power now who got hammered electorally in the 80s.
  7. 'many of us have an idea of what SHOULD be done but this would contrast with the class war being fought by stealth by those in power now who got hammered electorally in the 80s'.

    mac1, the problem is, those who got hammered in the 80s didn't just shrug their shoulders, admit defeat and go away and do something else.


    So the same immature student activists, chameleon like, repackage themselves and call themselves nice, cuddly, New Liarbour and set about worming their way back in. OK, so it took 20 years, but they managed it and we are now reaping the whirlwind. We are now realising that it wasn't 'New Liarbour' after all, but 'Old Liarbour' which has only become evident to many since the charmless, Stalinist Brown replaced the charlatan Blair.

    The irony is, there is hardly a 'man or women of the people' amongst them and there are more public schoolboys and girls on the government front benches than there are on the opposition.
  8. Is there anything this lot DON'T want to tax (other than themselves obviously).

    The only thing they don't tax you on at the moment is being fcuking born!!!!!
  9. Can we assume that the residents of 10 and 11 Downing Street with their clean empty street, free parking and security will see a huge hike in their council tax bills. No of course not!

    Keep squeezing the middle classes - they are too polite to complain
  10. Maybe they should increase the council tax on those lazy buggers who leave their house looking like a 'corporation tip'.
  11. I know; I didn't want to make my post too rambling! It now seems obvious that in 1997 the electorate swapped a bunch of arrogant incompetents who thought power was their birthright for a pandora's box of attitudes, values & beliefs totally at odds with the majority. It seems to me their plan is, as long as they don't screw the economy and bugger peoples mortgage repayments up, the general apathy of the Great British Public will carry them through.

    I agree with many here regarding, why don't they do this, that, or the other; thing is, I don't see the point of complaining: these people are behaving according to type - its what they do.
  12. I have neighbours who have 4 working adults living under the same roof, they pay less council tax than me because my house has 1 more bedroom than theirs. How fair is that?

    I say if you want to live in the community with all the community benefits, Police, street lighting, bins emptied etc, you should contribute through local income tax and not live free of the backs of the now council tax payer. Abolish council tax and introduce a local income tax, then all the Sons and Daughters who have jobs, some very high paying will have to contribute to the community they live in.

    If this tax is capped at say £500 per annum per working person it would still bring in the same amount as the council tax does for the city the size of Newcastle.

    Maggy Thatcher had the right idea with the Poll Tax, but she went about it the wrong way.
  13. my will to live in this cuntry is very much diminshed these days.

    we need change and we need it now.
  14. I am too young to have dementia, yet I am old enough to remember the damage done by people who opposed the (in my view, much fairer, system of) poll tax).

    As a direct result, VAT was increased from 15% to 17.5% by Norman Lamont (LINKY):
    Presumably VAT should now be reduced back to 15%!

    Our local council is extremely proud of the fact that "Band D" properties have "only" risen by 4%. They tend to forget that there isn't a single Band D property within 25 miles of where I live, and only a handful in the entire county (Buckinghamshire). Given the average increase in our village means that almost everyone is now paying more in council tax than many pay in rent, 60 squid a week, this is unacceptable.

    This council tax system is completely wrong, obviously property values (even back in 1992 when they were set) differed vastly from one area to another, yet the banding system applies wherever you live in the country.
  15. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    If you have worked all your life in whatever capacity, being on the dole is a total fcuking culture shock, not a 'choice' and `certainly not an easy life. In fact, if you have worked, never been in the system and actually want to get back to work the system is totally configured to fcuk you over or make life very difficult, bewildering, infuriating and frustrating at every turn.

    I have been there, thankfully only briefly, but my brush with the system has made me think hard about things, the welfare state etc.

    The people who do genuinely need help, like me for a short period are totally neglected.

    But the people who are lifestyle choice scroungers have intimate knowledge of the system works will find a way to make it their living. Make no mistake and I am not a Daily Mail reader by inclination they exist, they exist in big numbers as well. I have seen them.

    So from a point of view as having seen both sides my prescription is this

    No problems with the genuinely needy, handicapped etc getting all the help they need. Its no fun being at the bottom of the pile and they need societies support.

    The scrounging useless fcukers that absorb so much of our national wealth, starving defence, health and education of funding need a massive rocket up their arrses. There are jobs galore out there, but there is no compunction for professional chavs to actually get off their backsides and work. You have to have carrots and you have to have sticks. At the moment their are simply too many carrots and no sticks whatsoever.

    The actual job of finding work for people, I would outsource that to a private company with decent bonuses and the freedom from the dead hand of government red tape.

    As for council tax, the fundamental problem of local authorities is they are run not by professional administrators but by political wannabes on their way up the political ladder. usually with no experience of running service organisations, which is what a local authority fundamentally is. What does this mean, total and complete wasting of money.

    Again, I have seen with my own eyes the profligate waste that is endemic in local authorities. Walk to school coordinators, diversity outreach workers and other the other social engineering stuff that gets in the way of actually cleaning the streets, providing decent social services etc.

    I used to be dead set against this but the more I see the more I think we need national contracts for most public services with a dose of cold hard commercial reality thrown in. Giving yet more money to local authorities is like giving an addict a tenner and asking him to only spend it on organic vegetables.