new labour spin on benefits fraud and waste

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by brighton hippy, Oct 11, 2005.

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  1. blunkett and co going on about the evil benefit system costing us all a fortune in waste and fraud etc
    total benefits paid out £110 billion
    fraud £.9billion
    admin error £1.7 billion
    now I'm no maths genius but that works out as approx a 3% wastage rate still a shed load of cash :(.
    But exactly how many goverment departments are even 95%? efficent infact how many private buisness's are that efficent.?
    new labour s answer are some TV adverts and get rid of a whole load of staff like thats really going to improve efficency :twisted:
  2. It's amazing how the DFWP can get away with wasting so much cash, when the MOD gets hammered by the NAO year in year out. Time for a root and branch reform of Blunkett's new empire.
  3. There are a couple of women I know of on my road claiming benefits - apparently, they get about £200 a week. Almost as much as I take home. They're both mid-30s, fit and able to work. But make no effort whatsoever to work, because they simply don't want to. And that's just the two I know of for sure ... seems they give benefits out easy peasey to people quite happy to sit back and let the state pay for their lifestyles. Whilst those who really need and deserve help struggle to get anything.

  4. The one thing I have noticed about this Government is how quickly they are to shift blame. The fact that a fraud has occured must highlight a failing in the system somewhere? I find it strange that the fruadsters are the quickest to be labelled with the blame. I realise that there may be problem with fraud but because most people can demonstrate that they know someone whose on the fiddle, it is easier for the Government to stir up anger against this minority, fudge a few figures and come out of the mess looking less like the villian for their mismanagement. I am beginning to believe that it suits the Government to have a gaggle of benifit cheats.

    Spin is all about the perception of the message. How the message is interepted. Seeing through the bullsh*t is key. Strangley they are now advocating the use of 'lie detectors' how interesting it would be to use the same technology at Prime Minister's Questions. That's if they haven't vetted your question before hand.
  5. Theres a whole bloody family of spongers getting millions off the state at the end of Buckingham Palace Road, London W1. Only one of them works, the old girl, does a bit opening things and a spot on the telly Christmas Day, but f uck knows what the rest of them get up to. And there all a bit thick, by all accounts. One of them got caught cheating an Art A level. How dim do you need to be to need help to get an Art 'A' level FFS? And he thinks he has a career in the Cav!
  6. A 14 year old I know has insulin dependent diabetes. He gets his drugs and kit off the NHS (fair enough) and he is as fit as a fiddle. But his family get £300 a month 'disability living allowance' (DLA). WTF? I rang the benefit people and was told - direct quote -

    'it's to help with the care of the individual - things like getting up in the morning, 'cos diabetes can make you a bit sleepy'


    £300 buys a fcuking good alarm clock, I reckon. I nearly hit the roof. The bunch of sponging chavs.

    Anyway, rant over, new rant:

    This whole £billions story is yet another attempt to soften us up for ID cards. They think we are dim enough to associate in our minds the tales of fraud (costing billions) and the tales of identity based fraud (costing millions), and therefore welcome ID cards as a cost effective way of stopping the whole thing happening, which of course it isn't.
  7. I think you'll find that they generate far more money for the country than they take, If you look at the running costs of Blair and his cronies tey will cost far, far more and you'll find that most of the money received by royal households goes to pay wages. I suppose you'd like to make several thousand people redundant would you?
  8. Speedy, you royalist arrselicker, don't try to justify the First Family of Spongers on financial grounds. They may or may not be the dogs nadgers for bringing in tourists - I neither know nor care. They certainly have enough (unearned) land, property and businesses to finance themselves without my 67p a week or whatever it is. Sauce for gooses is sauce for ganders. If we can whinge about lazy dole scum, getting money off the state for nowt, why not whinge about the inbred Germano-Grecian poshoes doing ditto?
  9. shock horror benefit system is 95% efficent
    now if the rest of goverment could manage 95% efficency
    steamywindow hit the nail on the head the anti terror things failed now there going for evil benefit fraudsters
    even though its been gov policy for years to get people onto incapacity/sickness as then they don't count as unemployed
    now the unemployed numnbers have come down its all looking a bit dodgy
  10. And Administration screw-ups are almost twice as expensive as fraud??????

    I've seen no TV campaign to reduce that.....
  11. Every Government needs an enemy for public consumtion. For years it has been the Russians/Commies. Now that they have gone the powers that be are scraping around looking for some one.

    The US have "AL Q/Fundie Muslims" to blame everthing on.
    The Middle East have "The Great Satan".
    Tonys best effort is "Dole scroungers and benefit fraudsters".

    Even his Michavellian plots are second rate.. :roll:
  12. I see that Blunktw@tt is creating the impression that lie detectors will be used to screen the phone calls of claimants.

    If I thought for a minute that this proposal would actually see the light of day - as opposed to being part of a hardman act and completely contrary to any human rights or data protection laws - then I would suggest its use is extended to Cabinet ministers caught fiddling the system for the benefit of their sexual partners.
  13. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    While at work today I heard this quote from a member of Job Centre Plus "Official benefit fraud figures are down!!" Sadly so are the number of staff who investigate fraud consequently the figures shown are down because they cant investigate as many cases.
  14. These incapacity benefit claimants are probably those formerly classed as unemployed, when it suited Bliar to massage the jobless total.
  15. Regretably Flunkett has failed to achieve anything of note in any of the jobs he has done. He like the Glorious Leader talks a good talk but when it comes to achievement they get an F minus.

    If the DWP is 95% efficient then it has nothing to do with anything Flunkett has contributed to the system.

    Where I am puzzled is that any Incapacity Benefit claimant can receive it only for six months before their medical condition is investigated and they would normally have to go for a medical at a government assessment centre. If the medical assessors are performing their job correctly where do the fraudsters come from and how are they getting through the system?