New Labour Screwed the Job Market with their immigration Policy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by geezer466, May 14, 2013.

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  1. Straight from the horses mouth a Mr Peter Mandelson.

    Being reported today in both the Express and the Mail.

    Lord Mandelson: Labour sent search parties to entice migrants | UK | News | Daily Express

    Immigrants? We sent out search parties to get them to come... and made it hard for Britons to get work, says Mandelson | Mail Online

    Another arrogant shit who believed they had truly ended boom and bust and that there would plenty of jobs to go around in perpetuity.....

    Globalisation is simply the posh term for wage arbitrage.. This will not be fixed now until the emerging economies have the same standard of living as us in the West. Theirs will rise whilst ours falls.
  2. Is there anything that Labour haven't screwed up?

    Miilliband has said that Labour got it wrong on immigration, but has not come up with how they intend to sort it out.

    I hope they do not get in on the next election, they will royally screw the UK up....again.
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  3. Absolutely - most folks were voicing major conncers years ago, but this was ignored by the slime bound, stinking Labour Government under Blair, Brown, Mandelson et al. It just proves that the Labour Party cannot be trusted any longer, they care nothing for the UK, its society, its institutions etc. They are just a bunch of self perpetuating, mutual m*sturbation society of lame brained mutts. All the more reason to ditch the Human Rights Act 1978, and re-write it, and to remove ourselves from the European Union as well.

    Even the current buch of tw*ts in charge of the PLP cannot be trusted either, not to return to Old Labour and it's pseudo-marxist ideals of bullsh*te.
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  4. "because we were almost, a sort of full employment economy."

  5. Well theres a surprise I wonder how much he made off sorting passports out for a load of others as well the slimey bastard
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  6. Why is it no governing party can not see further than the end of their own re-election chances at the next election.

    If they did look further ahead it would be obvious that some policies are going to come back and bite them in the arse in the future.

    Look at us now.

    Heavy Immigration = insufficient jobs to go around. (Program on the beeb last night say >50% of young Brit black men were unemployed.

    Tax credits and the bribing of the masses = huge deficit within the welfare state whilst at the same time rewarding the corporations who were able to keep wages levels low in the knowledge the taxpayer would make up the shortfall.

    Universal credit is going to undo a lot of this and many people currently getting working tax credit and other benefit to top up low wages will find it snatched away when they implement the new capital holdings rules.
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  7. Mandelson is not entirely blameless - that Brazilian wife/husband didn't find itself in UK by accident you know.
  8. The Labour Party got it massively wrong on immigration and they should have known better. No doubt about that.

    There were a couple of reasons though and the primary one wasn't Labour Party doctrine but actually a massive lobby of them by big business to open the flood gates.

    Labour in the then booming economy was getting very expensive. The construction industry for example were having to pay top money to get the job done. Bricklayers for instance were commanding up to £160/£170 per day and even site labourers, the lowest of the low on a building site were getting £80 plus per day.

    The industry movers and shakers saw the opportunity to slash pay rates by simply flooding the market with foreign labour. Polish bricklayers for example were coming to Britain and practising their craft for £30/£40 per day. labourers were getting £20 per day. Apart from managers, home grown workers became extinct on British building sites.

    The big firms had it right off. They saved millions in wages and of course, the foreign workers being new and finding their feet in the British market were completely compliant. Not a lot has changed either. Building sites are still dominated by foreign sourced workers. It probably will never go back.

    The problem has also widely spread now because many people having come from abroad have often now been promoted and are in positions where they are responsible for hiring people into firms. Guess who they look for? A new Tesco's opened in my town recently a my brothers mate went for a job there. She was successful and told she would be working in the fish mongers department. 3 days later, she was told the job had actually gone to another guy who was Polish. Guess the nationality of the person hiring the staff? Yep, Polish! There was even a suggestion that was not proven that there is a bit of a racket going on with hiring managers taking money from those they hand out jobs to?

    I'm a Labour Party member of some 30 years standing and I don't blame in any way, people wanting to come to Britain for work. In their shoes, I'd want to do the same. It's got to be done sensibly though so that everybody benefits and the jobs of those who are here are not placed in jeopardy by others coming into the country.

    The Labour Party had no bloody business whatsoever letting themselves be persuaded by ****ing greedy business men that opening the floodgates was best for the country. It a huge mistake to say the least and one that has left us still reeling.
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  9. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    I find it incredible how much New Labour has moved from being the party of the working class to the party that has completely****ed over the working class. They shout about the minimum wage as one of their great legacies when it's actually a living symbol of their failure. Had they not encouraged a massive inflow of cheap labour we would be in a situation where the labour shortage would drive up wages to point where people would be able to get off the dole without losing money.
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  10. Ah, so it's not Labour's fault then? It's those pesky capitalists for kicking up such a fuss and for paying those Labour 'consultants' the necessary fees to get the necessary outcome.
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  11. The only thing the Minimum Wage did was drive down unskilled/semi skilled wages to the minimum wage.
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  12. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    I've seen the blame often laid at our own home-grown layabouts, who are often portrayed in left-wing documentaries as the "why should I get out of bed" types - when at the end of it all, they'd be better off on benefits. That may well be true - how can one convince somebody to work for less than they'd get staying at home 'bringing up' Chardonnay, Destiny and Bianca?

    The only reasonable way to make any sort of living on minimum wage jobs (which are currently saturated by your Eastern European workers) is to cut down dramatically on living costs - by sharing accommodation for example. And when you have 10 Latvians sharing a 3-bed terrace in a town centre, working in a chicken-packing factory on minimum wage - they are going to have a lot more expendable income to send home than Destiny's mother who, in some vein attempt to try and make a living for herself, has decided to flat-share with a mate or two. And so how can they possibly compete with their foreign counterparts - even with the strongest will in the world?

    Of course, that's just a hypothetical example based on the current climate - but something needs to change. The more I see documentary series such as last night's C4 showing, "Skint", the more I feel our home-grown idlers have basically given up completely and pretty much accepted 'this is who we are' and the cycle will continue (to degrade) - because in all honesty, what can they really do about their situation? How can anyone drag themselves out of the gutter when they don't realise they are in it to start with? To them, it has become their way of life and they have accepted their lives of benefits, crime and multiplication as the norm. Just like a virus. And one that desperately needs curing.
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  13. The problem is that many see the money they get from the state as "wages", theirs by right. They're backed up by an army of do-gooders who tell them that it is their God-given right to be given this money and many councils employ Income Maximisation Officers who sit down with them and make sure they get every blessed penny they can get from the state - ie taxpayers.

    They see living on benefits as a job and it's almost impossible to persuade to move to another job that pays more or less the same money for more effort.
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  14. Well, were they ever the party that helped the working class? In reality, they were the party that used the working class to get into power to f*ck the country over.
  15. Thats a great contribution RGJ and one that exemplifies the constant meddling of the far left when they try and close down any immigration debate as racist..

    Yes the Labour party got it wrong but they still have values that working people in this Country value. They need to get back to grass roots and represent the views of the true working people. I don't mean a return to the bad old days of the 70's but something in between.

    Encompassing globalisation and increasing profits for the corporations had led us down a path of widening the gap between the have's and the have nots not seen since Victorian times. They are partly responsible for that and must realise it.

    What has happened a balance of power over the last 40 years or so has moved from the Trade Unions to the Corporations. Whilst the TU were bold and brash about what they wanted and used strike leverage to attain it the latter use the softly softly approach, lobby government ministers, open borders, allow immigration ect.

    End result we are all a hell of a lot poorer whilst the banks and corporations announce ever greater profits.
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