New Labour - New Scandal

A Labour candidate in recent elections has been jailed for possessing videos of children being raped. None of the victims was aged over 9.

Ian Rankin, who came second to the SNP, was jailed for 3 months; the judge told him he had an 'unhealthy obsession'.

Tough on crime; tough on the causes of crime - yeah, right! :twisted:[/url]
Anyone in Scotland know if they have unduly lenient sentence procedures similar to ours in England?
We've got the same PC-obsessed, help-the-asylum-seeker-at-all-costs, don't-be-too-hard-on-criminal-scumbag-drug-dealers, New Labour thought-police to**ers in charge north of the border as you have south of it. And an overpriced Parliament building from which they can pontificate and undermine the laws which were supposed to protect the decent majority. AND Jack "don't ask me to intervene on behalf of the Jock regiments" McConnell, our very own Pontius Pilate. Ain't we lucky! :twisted:
In Scotland, an individual was sent to prison for raping a baby, can't remember the prison term but it was derisory.

However, on appeal, the sentence was increased significantly due to the public outrage, although not to the death-penalty level many would consider appropriate. It is not inconceivable that his fellow cons will decide to inflict their own punishment!

Hopefully the same will happen in this case.

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