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New Labour Leadership

And try to fight off Maomentum in the CLPs. Look atthe history of two in Liverpool, one of whom is reputed to have sung 'hey Jews not Hey Jude', maybe he had big Len's hand up 'arris working his mouth and the other is just scum pure unadulterated scum/

As opposed to say Frank Field that they pretty much forced into retirement, that even people who aren't Labour voters at least a grudging respect for


Claude Webb one of the Corbyn lot charged with harassment of a female, interesting, no further details, so speculation.

She is dim, a bit of Antisemitism then.
Kate Hoey is now Baroness Hoey of Lylehill & Rathlin. Also well deserved. Her Twitter is worth checking for all sorts of interesting info. She makes a point of remembering atrocities, so they will not be forgotten.

Not a bad egg that one. One of the old school that actually were quite decent.
Labour needs a good look at its roots and start getting away from middle class wokeness to working class reality.


Claudia was from Jul 2018 to Dec 2019, Chair of NEC Disputes Panel, laughable.

So parachuting in a Chosen One with a propensity for alleged criminal behaviour to replace a Chosen One with a propensity for proven criminal behaviour?

Stupidity: The act of repeating mistakes expecting different outcomes, viz (or Vaz) The Labour Party.


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Looks like one of the qualities required to take over from K Vaz is to be as vile and untrustworthy as he is!

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