New Labour Leadership

Lammy believes this new ‘quality’ Leadership team will reach out beyond Labour Party members and attract others to the Party.
Nope, I’m not feeling it! :grin:
About as attractive as leprosy - no disrespect to the poor souls who have it.
Lammy as SoS Justice. What could possibly go wrong?

One assumes possession of a salaried job will become a capital offence (unless you're BAME obvs) and conviction for stabby/shouty-related offences will be subject to a get out of jail free card mitigation of "its their culture, innit".

Identity politics alive and well and will need to be hammered hard by the Tories once this pandemic is over.
Even more reason to keep Ms Patel in post.
Let's see him accuse her of racism
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About as attractive as leprosy - no disrespect to the poor souls who have it.
Maybe that was Abbott’s problem? Doing maths on your fingers gets tricky I’d guess?
Awww, shame-no position for 'Red' Dawn Butler:
  • Marsha de Cordova, Shadow Women and Equalities Secretary
Or is there . . .
It's been done before



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Long-Bailey at education? This is presumably Starmer's demonstration of possession of a sense of humour...

We'll be treated to long whinges about private schools, Oxbridge elitism and racism, etc, etc (which are shown to in fact put off applicants from deprived and/or BAME backgrounds - 'we can't offer places to BAME pupils if they don't apply in the first place because people keep telling them they'll hate it here!' as one admissions tutor lamented not so long ago)
I'm not sure that you could plausibly deny that there's at least an element of truth there historically.


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You may have taken me just a tad too seriously my mate.
I feel they may have been asked but declined the too lowly positions on offer.
Fair do's but I don't think they have even been asked!
Come on, people, it's not hard. Butler is the unattractive lard-arse, de Cordova is the boss-eyed unattractive lard-arse.

"Which one of you said that. C'mon, speak up!"

Maybe that was Abbott’s problem? Doing maths on your fingers gets tricky I’d guess?
She could use her toes, and if she then counts using her rolls of fat she could keep going for a while I'd imagine
Given the age demographic, stand by for an imminent by-election.

'Veteran Labour MP Tony Lloyd has been admitted to hospital with coronavirus. The 70-year-old member for Rochdale was "stable and responding to treatment" at Manchester Royal Infirmary, his family said.'

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Somebody called Andrew Gwynne resigned from the Shadow Cabinet on Saturday. Apparently.

Nope, me neither . . .
Was his great granny Charles the Second's favourite fruit seller?
Starmer cannot be a unity leader, no-one can as JCs lasting legacy for Labour is that he has left it irrevocably disunited.

On the JC legacy a single question, is the Labour party now more or less united as he is leaving the chair compared to when he took it? Clearly the answer is less, and JC has built in the mechanisms to ensure that the divisiveness is now an indelible and permanent part of the front page of fabric of the party.

I could be wrong, but I am sure that posterity for him will be this and only this, after all he has achieved sod all else before his tenure as will be the case post his tenure.


Heart of stone not to feel sorry for two kitchens Miliband, he is the token Jewish MP to show Labour are so over Antisemitism.

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