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Is that figure £1.58 Bn even remotely possible ?

It most certainly is.

Just consider the miserable shithole that is Woking: has racked up £1Bn in debt thanks to an "investment led" approach, aka building vast, empty office blocks and plans to cram a total of 5,500 flats into a really dismal town centre by tacking on vertical slums.

It is far from alone
GIven Croydon's just one of 32 borough councils in Greater London, and one of around 450 councils in England it's an impressive / terrifying amount.

Wonder who their auditors were?

Grabbit & Run?
Remember Comrades, do as we say, not as we do!
Glorious Socialism!



Remember Comrades, do as we say, not as we do!
Glorious Socialism!

Wasn't aware that that Satan-blessed BLM hashtag shit first started after the acquittal of the guy that shot the Skittles and Sprite kid, Trayvon Martin, about a decade ago now.

They can't help themselves can they.



If I said the same sort of thing about her on social media, I'd get jailed. Still, I suppose it's still okay to call her a fat ugly cow who should keep her yap shut.

In Labour language, you should say that she should shut her mouth for the sake of diversity
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Been there a few times over the years - its an OK pub with a decent pint available, slightly too may hipsters.and crusty fukcers but that's Bath for you. The landlord is a twat but I still enjoyed seeing Starmer seen off. His enforcers don't come out of it looking good.
Same bouncers that threw the old Boxhead out of the Labour Party Conference for the temerity of speaking out against the Messiah Blair?

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