New Labour investing in world class ships for Navy

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rockape34, Jan 24, 2007.

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  1. here:

    Who's the "we" Mr. Ingram?
    If Neue Arbeit "investment" in the Navy is as comprehensive as in the rest of the Armed Forces they have good reason to worry!
  2. ..especially as HMS Dauntless was the old WRNS training establishment :biggrin:
  3. I rely would like to see the NAO investigate the ongoing CVF programme NOW. From what I have seen in my professional capacity, it is a cluster feck. That is just in programme terms, never mind the military rationale behind buying the white elephants!
  4. And the Royal Navy vessel in Pirates of the Caribbean! Watch out for Capt. Jack Sparrow!
  5. Whoopie bl00dy doo eh? That two-faced shyster has said that they are building a world class ship for the navy!

    As a 'cost-saving measure', the ship (and therefore the navy) is being severely shortchanged by cuttng a big chunk of the armaments that the ship could easily carry.

    It could have, but isn't getting the following:

    RGM84-Harpoon Anti-ship missiles (it can spot enemy ships, but can do nothing about them).
    Launcers for Stingray Torpedos (It can see subs, but can't shoot them).
    American Mk 141 VLS - can't fire Tomahawk (or Storm Shadow using the Sylvba sysem).
    Merlin Helichopper
    Prism Deck Handling Device

    It'a a very good ship and in the air defense role, it is probably superb, but it could be all this and so much more BUT for budget cuts. It will probably take one being sunk before it is decided that perhaps it would be a good idea to fit anti-surface or anti-sub armaments.
  6. It doesn't matter what armements you fit to it. Due to staffing levels there are only going to be 8 people on board at any one time any way.

    It'll be an advanced war ship, sat in the dock with no weapons on it.
  7. Any Matelots or anybody in the know tell me: What capacity does he fleet have for anti-ship attack?

    What power doe we intend to project?

  8. Last I heard was that we had a bunch of Lynx with Sea Skua on type 23's, 22's, 42's. Of course, this will rely on being to get the choppers close enough without being shot down.

    I don't know if the carriers have any anti-ship capacity with the Harriers.

    We also have submarines, but that's not the fecking point is it? What I'm saying is why not equip each ship out to the max capability.

    At least we are then able to project whatever power we wish in whichever circumstance we find ourselves.

    I wouldn't like to see another Falklands kicking off with a whole bunch of civilian ships press-ganged if there was a military alternative. Remember Atlantic Conveyor?
  9. In terms of ASh capability, the frigates have Harpoons etc but the major weapon system is considered to be the air capability.
  10. What air capability? We sacked the Sea Harriers, didn't we?
  11. Yep, my mistake. We are using GR7/9's at the moment and they should be replaced in 2012 by Lockheed Martin F-35 (if Brussels doesn't make it illegal to buy military products from outside the EU by then).
  12. Aren't we binning Harpoon?
  13. Indeed and yet still they are featuring in the cheesy recruitment ads; the one where the Wren officer (sorry, I know that there are no longer Wrens and RN personnel, I don't care and if that is the least PC thing I do today then you are lucky!) signs up to be an ATC.

    Has somebody called the OFT?