New Labour "Institutionally Racist"

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by The_Seagull, Nov 8, 2008.

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  1. I think that everyone should be more worried about the fact that they are institutionally useless.
  2. As much as I relish any criticism of Labour this is utter bollox.
    Yet again we are supposed to stack the odds in favour of somebody becuase they are black/asian/whatever?
    We are unlikely to have an ethnc minority PM because there aren't enough minority types to elect one.

    Asides from anything, the batch of minority types we do have in public office put their skin colour (or what that skin colour can get them) before the duties they are supposed to fulfil.

    There is an implication that we should have a black PM solely on the basis of proving we aren't racist?
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Trevor Phillips: intellectually idle.

  4. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Just another brainless fcuktard with a shoit agenda, punting out stories and tales to, as already noted, justify his existence.

    Mandatory ethnics for selection!? Mandatory wimmin for selection!?

    Whatever happened to just allowing things to take their course? Just because the number of efnics in a given trade or political setup is not representative of the national ratio does NOT mean it has to be imposed - that just generates hostility.

    Is there a mandatory number of jews and muslims that should be put forward for selection by the cons and ZANU? Nope. Why not? How about our mandatory gays, disabled people? Nope. Why not?

    I've got an idea . . . . . let's also have a mandatory number of homeless people, under 30's, over 60's, Indians, Bankers, Fruit and Veg sellers, Taxi drivers, bald people, dislexic people, people with a criminal record, people from broken homes, people from big country estates, ex-druggies, prostitutes, mormons, Catholics, Presbyterians, Satanists and Tax inspectors.

    These are all valid propositions, as each and everyone forms one kind of minority or another.

    Why just make it a skin colour thing . . . . unless you're a racist of course, in which case, just stick to blacks as mandatory candidates!
  5. Labour "institutionally Racist"????

    How come they've got so many sweaties then???
  6. So if they do introduce a quota for black people ( for example ) , does this mean that once the quota's been filled , should another black person - with excellent qualifications and tons of experience - come along and apply for a job , he'd be told "push off , we've already got enough of you lot working here" ?
  7. The dog bites the hand that feeds him. Where mr.Phillips would be without Labour obsession with political correctness?
  8. If you are white hetro-sexual middle-aged and male then you are by definition racist, homophobic and potentially a rapist, I know this because Zanu-Liarbore spin doctors have told me.

    Fcuk 'em all, bring on the Election.