New Labour grants UK citizenship every three minutes

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armchair_jihad, Aug 26, 2008.

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  2. You'd think with all these new citizens, the country would be going through some sort of huge industrial upturn that required such a huge amount of outside people.

    Thats what happened in the past wasnt it? Post war mass immigration and the like.

    Seems to be going in reverse now though doesnt it. Coincidence? :roll:

    As a country, we should be selfish to a certain degree. The economy can only support a finite amount of humans. If the balance of these new citizens creates more of a burden, then we should in fact shut the door until we are in a position to accept more people. We are short of housing, money, resources and useful employment. I hardly think allowing millions in is going to miraculously change this.

    The British Passport used to mean something a few years ago. All it is now is a food voucher and an excuse to shaft what you can out of the country.

    How many of those 'new citizens' are in gainful employment actually giving something back to the country?
  3. i wonder what proportion of these new entrants will vote labour?
  4. I think, Ski, that given the way postal voting has been exploited in some areas,the question might just as well be 'what proportion of these new entrants will be aware that they're voting Labour?'
  5. British Passport no longer required - it is now called a Freedom Pass and issued by the New L.O.B.

    It comes with free school meals and housing. Poncing in the Post Office on thursday for loads of dosh and a direct input into your free bank account, so you don't have to walk round the corner. No overdraft fees is another.

    Clothing and food allowance for all, ( especially for work - hi viz etc ). Shoe and boot allowance for walking to work. 2 weeks sick note at Christmas and four weeks sick note in August because of bad weather.

    AND 20 years of maternity and paternity leave.
  6. Light touch paper and retire..!
  7. Come on you lot, immigration is good for this country, we have been told this many times, even by lots of people on arrse.
    I do wonder though that if it was so good why are we going downhill faster than any other country?

    You may as well accept it, enrichment is here to stay.
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Yay - that old immigration chestnut again.

    I'm happy to say that I've now changed my whole viewpoint on the issue.

    Once upon a time, this country united in its time of need, with everyone having common values, decency and understanding. We could unite behind our Queen and our flag, strong in our knowledge of our shared cultural identity and history. We were scared of immigration because we thought that it might dilute our identity, our values, our culture and our unity of purpose.

    It's now 2008.

    We have no national identity, no unity, no shared values, cultural expression, unity of purpose and no nation that we can unite to protect. Devolution has meant that we are no longer a unified nation state, and this is set to continue to degrade with further steps towards a break up of the union. We are no longer governed by our Parliament, but from Brussels. Brussels now dictates our laws, and the people we vote in in London simply rubber stamp those rules. In every town and city in the country, our values and cultural identity are being diluted and we must now doff our caps to many other cultures. Our children are being indoctrinated with new truths every day in our schools that bear little relation to the facts of our history, and pretty soon will merely be asked to recite from Zanu NL's Little Red Book, and being able to do so will be considered sufficient to get handouts of free GCSE's, 'A' Levels and Degrees, followed by guaranteed jobs in the new state apparatus. What was right or wrong for our society as a whole is no longer the case - it is merely wrong or right for a section of the 'community', though other 'communities' may hold completely opposite values, and we have to understand, respect and allow such activities - be they multiple wives, arranged or even forced marriage with the penalties for not adhering being 'honour killing'. These are the modern European provinces of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

    So, back to the matter of immigration, and why I've changed my mind, from being hostile to the idea to not really caring at all.

    It doesn't matter anymore - there's nothing left to protect or defend, there's no commonality, no cultural identity, so who gives a fcuk? Not me.

    This is as Labliar intended of course.

  9. Yeah,what he said.
  10. I think i may grab a handful of the parade gloss, bimble down to the local Sosh and in my best "durka durka jihad bakala" accent reveal I am in fact an illegal immigrant called Achmed. I will demand all the goodies that they have and then sub-let my council house to a Muslim brother(s). I will then have a good scrub off and relax in comfort.
  11. You wont get far in this country, showing common sense like that :wink:
  12. Reading in the news the other day about how councils allover the country are having to cut services or change them about with concurrent problems & of course threats of fines/jail for non compiliance by those affected.

    These changes have been "forced" on the council by the sudden rise in the numbers of people living in their areas, you note that the fact that this is supposed to mean an increase in income from council tax but because of the status of most of these new residents doesn't mean that at all.

    The infrastructure has been creaking for a while now, won't be long before it breaks down altogether if the population keeps growing at the same rate.
  13. Oi Cuddles......just coz iam still in the land of Sand dont go nicking my ID.... :roll:
  14. Do not be afeared my Islamic brother, your space sleeping in cupboard above the cooker is reserved for you...and a nice family from Islamabad. At no additional cost.

    I guess the NuLabour people can't be gripped for giving something away when they actually have no clue what the value of it actually is??
  15. Several years ago I got atop my soapbox and ranted precisely that - almost to the letter: a society being diliberately diluted to enable easier manipulation and control by an unseen political entity for an unknown purpose; the destruction of the nation state etc.

    I was shouted down for being a paranoid xenophobe. Now who's laughing... not? I'm seldom wrong. You watch... Garry Glitter on Big Brother. I tell ya... the cnut's already pencilled in!