New Labour - good news on the way!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armchair_jihad, May 29, 2008.

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  1. In full
  2. Whats the betting they get a bridging loan from Northern Rock
  3. It'd be funny if it wasn't so near the likely outcome.

    Stand by for the Political Parties (Public Funding) Act 2008.

    After all, we're not really paying enough yet for the pleasure of being royally buggered by the government. :x
  4. Ironic isn't it?

    Can't even manage their poxy party funds; yet we give our hard earned cash to them in taxes and NI contributions in order for them to care for the Nation.

    Time this set a lying scummers was swapped for the next set.
  5. its not liabours fault the party is in debt its the credit crunch you know! :roll:
  6. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    They have been scrabbling away at this problem for well over a year and I can't see them getting out off it easily. With Levy gone and the need for disclosure, any new big money donor will stay well away.

    I look forward to watching this develop with interest.
  7. I think it was last year that I suggested buying the debt and calling it in.

    Surely it shouldn't be too hard to find 240,000 people prepared to chip in £100 each?
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    It's a tricky problem they have there. I have the answer however. The party funding laws will soon be changed so that donors to the party, whether through loans or direct gifts will no longer have to declare their interests to either the membership, parliament or the British people.

    The funds can be paid into a 'blind pot' in a Swiss numbered bank account, the payees of which will never be recorded. This way, politics will not be shamed by scandals regarding who donates what to whichever party for whatever reason.

    For those who do donate unfeasably large sums to a party, the presentation of their bank teller receipts from the Swiss bank will guarantee them the payout of the favour they wish to buy. For example, if the owners of Northern Rock wish to gain exemption from the Financial Services Authority and their investigations, they need to take their donation receipt (quietly) to the head of the Zanu NL party, whereupon any investigations will be closed down in the 'national interest'.

    There is prior history for this of course - this being the current situation whereby members of parliament will soon no longer have to provide evidence of what they have purchased for their second homes. They simply withdraw from tax coffers (or blind pot) up to £23,000 per annum on top of their £15,000 wage increase under a blanket secrecy clause.
  9. You would be mad to buy the debt for its actual (or even perceived) value. Try 10p in the pound, that way you only need either 24, 000 people with £100 or 240, 000 people with £10!
  10. the problem is the tory's are in no better state
    lord "belizan marching powder" ashcroft" for example :(
    People who give large amounts of cash to political parties seem are either odd or out for the big bucks :roll:
    I'd much rather political parties got there cash off individual members from the general public than nutters and spivs :(
  11. I think that they are going for the holy trinity of politics. They are already morally and intellectually bankrupt, so adding finacial bankruptcy to their portfolio makes it quite clear that this Governement is the worst ........ ever.

  12. Yip basically if they been laibour cannot drum up support for their party its unlikely they are going to drum up funds for there cause?

    Cannot help but laugh, but on the sad side when they hand over ownership to the other party they will inherit a lot of problems and debt :x
  13. Hope it bankrupts the one eyed c*nt!. Can he be disqualified as PM if he is a bankrupt.

    Wonder if he will tell Sarah its part of Global Economic Turmoil, like he tries to convince us.
  14. A person declared bankrupt can not sit as a Member of Parliment or the House of Lords, there seat would become vacant.
  15. Despite all the bluster, the Unions will bail them out.

    But only at a price of course, so you can expect the return of Old Labour policies and the dreadful "Lurch to the Left" that all Labour governments go through in their last years.