Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by RATATATTAT, Jul 25, 2008.

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  1. NEW LABOUR END EX is on the way
    PROBLEM how many years will it take the incoming government to fix the armed forces
  2. A good few years. Have to wait untill after the recession :p :D
  3. End Ex, we wish!!

  4. Carry on dreaming 'cos you've got at least 18 months left of Liabour. Brown has realised his dream of becoming the country's premier, and now he knows that he is shit at it, there is no was he's going to go to the voters just so his time in power will be even shorter.
  5. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Yeah, the twa t has to have enough rubbish to put in his inevitably appalling memoirs, before he does the after dinner circuit and the compulsory 'quirky digs' from the back benches. So no hope of early End Ex from that loser.
  6. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    Unfortunatly with a majority of still 60+ we are not going to see the end of this vindictive,racist and anti British government anytime soon.

    No doubt by the time they do go,all the waster Labour MPs who know they are going to loose their seats will have lined-up cosy jobs in Brussels,some quango or trade union.

    Shoot the f**king lot of them,I say!.
  7. When Liabour are kicked out in 2010, the recession will begin to ease due to a surge in market confidence.

    The People's Party are going to be utterly wiped out. They are universally hated, even in the red-rosette-on-a-donkey constituencies where they didn''t even bother with campaigning in the past because the votes were weighed not counted. I preduct a rump party with somewhere around 100 MPs, vying with the Lib Dems for second place in Westminster...that is before the inevitable Bliar/Brown ideological schism and a new SDP breakaway moment.

    So long suckers! Maybe you will begin to realise how hated you were. Bye bye to all those career hopes of post-Parliamentary directorships, newspaper columns, think tanks etc....not a chance, go straight to dole queue.
  8. It's going to get even worse - they know they are on their way out, so it is a scorched-earth policy all the way to the next election. F*ck the country up so badly, allow the SNP in and thus destroy the United Kingdom (which will precipitate the loss of Wales and NI) and there is then no way that the Conservatives will be able to recover in a single term - the increasingly short-term electorate will let Labour back in (after being reminded of the golden days of economic boom under 'Saint' Tony). The alternative remains a coup, and I think that we are pretty much all up for it (apart from Sven, Annakey and Frenchperson but I really don't think they are much of a loss).
  9. I have written to my MP (labour) stating my opinion that the labour party as an entity may cease to exist after the next election as they are so hated. I also mentioned that this will be a bad thing, as we NEED multiple parties who could all achieve power. This keeps the ruling party honest as they know they have to WORK to get re-elected.

    NOW is the time to start a 'common sense' (arrse) political party.
  10. Considering how the MOD functions, I am not convinced that the military could run the country any better.

    However, I would be up for calling an early general election at gun point, before these traitors completely destroy the country.
  11. You're absolutely right - the last thing we need is to try and run the country - we seize it and then install a replacement!
  12. I doubt very much that the next government will be all that interested in 'fixing' the armed forces, except in the veterinary sense. For one thing, they've all seen what embarrassment senior officers with integrity can cause their political masters (politician's lesson - don't appoint senior officers with integrity); for another, they'll have their own backers and vested interests to pander to, who'll want their noses in the trough. Three guesses where their spending priorities will be?