New Labour Defence Policy: Ground Zero

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Vegetius, Nov 30, 2005.

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    Associated Press

    17: 25 GMT, March 1st 2007


    *** LONDON, ENGLAND ***


    In a dramatic pre-budget statement, Defence Secretary Hazel Blears announced that much of the UK's defence capability was to be stood down as part of a radical review of UK defence spending. The Green Paper, based on the DEMOS study entitled "Swords into Ploughshares" envisages the reduction of the army, air force and navy to that of a comparably-sized European country. Ms. Blears commented, "we are, after all, a small country with a defence budget the size of a very large one. Counter-terrorist defence forces that secure our borders and add value to our law enforcement agencies are the future for the safer Britain we wish to build."

    The massive savings are a core feature of Prime Minister Gordon Brown's first budget, aimed at a pre-election bonanza for education, health and law and order policies. It also follows the carefully phased withdrawal of all British troops from both Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Concerns about the effect on Anglo-US relations were played-down by a spokesman who suggested that Prime Minister Brown's political and diplomatic support for the new EU Rapid Reaction Corps, based around the more hawkish Eastern European countries and funded by the surrender of the UK EU rebate would "more than take up the slack."

    MOD sources have said that the army will be reduced to a third of its current size, with a focus on Home Defence, emergency and contingency relief and an overseas civil aid role that complements the government's "New Deal for Africa."

    A senior Labour back-bench MP said that the move has "completely galvanised our support for Gordon, it's like all our Wintervals have come at once!"

    Conservative Defence Spokesman David Davis has sharply criticized the move, describing it as "madness that flies in the face of every foreign policy principle ever understood by any British Government and abandoning the core duty of Parliament to the British people." Conservative Central Office would not endorse this statement, as Party Leader Dave Cameron has said that he needs time to "consider the ramifications for the people."

    The White Paper is due in early 2008.



    Ladies and gentlemen, a counter-factual scenario I imagined over a glass of vino. Please discuss, in a manner either serious or trivial. Brown will, in any case, decimate the defence budget in about two year's time so I thought I'd whip my crystal ball out.


  2. Ya missed out the Nukes.
    No Nukes No place at the big table
    or tiny none event Armed forces with Big Stick.
  3. Fair point JW. Assume that this policy accepts the cost of four suitably upgraded Trident subs or lend-lease US equivalents as the price to pay to get the seat on the Security Council. Small beer compared to scrapping Eurofighter squadrons/ aircraft carriers/ Challenger regiments/ pay and long-term pensions of inf. bns. and so on.

  4. Veg you git. I nearly had a baby, until I read the PM brown bit.

    What's scary is that it's all to belivble.

    (NOTE: yes I'm a mong for not reading the date)
  5. Sounds rather similar to what's being done to Denmark at the moment, whose army is being reduced to the strength of one brigade! I can't remember the exact make-up, but I do know that it will have one cavalry regiment, and I think two infantry battalions, but I'd have to double chack that.

    Likewise I came dangerously close to spraying coffee over my computer before I saw PM Brown! Who the hell ever let the labour party come into existence anyway, let alone into power??!! :evil:
  6. Too, too believable. Is this the Labour Party which the returning heroes of WW2 voted for?

    I think not.

    On a more serious note, Veg, can you revert to Angelina Jolie as your avatar? Pretty please? :)
  7. Seems saner idea than any other they came up with :twisted:
  8. Veg, you forgot that money saved would also go towards brand new departments responsible for the forced re-nationalisation of transport and utilities, redistribution of wealth and revised property rights.
  9. What worries me is, will we even be allowed to keep our cavalry? :(

    I mean, FFS, after PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) have taken on the animal rights oversight role in the MoD, you can't expect them to allow horses to go into harm's way? :?

    How will the Household Cavalry and the Blues and Royals be able to charge rioting crowds of impecunious, beerstarved ex-service pensioners, waddling along in those silly boots? :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. Given that this is fundamentally the same Labour Party that wanted unilateral disarmament in the 1980s, this doesn't seem too far-fetched at all. The only difference is that most of the communists in the party are now officially "ex" communists, having switched allegiance from Moscow to Brussels.
  11. er but what are they going to do when george decides to color in another piece of his atlas?
  12. George will be trying(still) to get a job by then, his term is up mid 07 if i remember correctly.
    Or he may just be trying to open the door to leave the white house :D
  13. The Secret Service isn't there to protect him; it's there to stop him walking into the broom cupboard when attempting to leave the Oval Office!
  14. Too be fair Steamy, I think they voted Labour for the NHS and the Welfare State in 1945, not for bigger and better wars.
  15. Am unable to discuss.